Life In The Time Of Corona virus and George Floyd

It has been a thief

Stealing away things

Minute by minute

The hours are gone

In the blink of an eye

First the pain and fever

Then it steals your very breath

It has consumed my bravery

And taken away my freedoms

And does not seem to be slowing

Leaving me tense angry

And a little confused each night

Another sleepless night

Another tear shed

We must slowly return

To as normal as we can

Or the thief will return

And take more days

Steal more lives

Make us weary of others

And put those we love in danger

We must hear the cries

Feel the anguish

And recognize the needs

There is anger there

And rightly so

He was too young

It was just SO WRONG

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – thief

7 thoughts on “Life In The Time Of Corona virus and George Floyd”

  1. I think you have captured how a lot of us feel about how the coronavirus has stolen “normal” from us and we may never get it back.

  2. It is crazy that we are living through history like this. I can imagine kids being taught about the Pandemic of 2020-2022 (or however long this will last…) in Social Studies…
    I love what Fandango said. Couldn’t have said it better myself. 👌
    This piece is awesome. You have found the perfect words, and I’m so amazed. Very immaculate, too.

    1. Wow. thank you so much for your kind words. No, no… don’t stretch it out to 2022! Wishful thinking that it will end this year. I am glad you stopped by!

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