Mumbles … Lovebirds

I love to watch my daughter and her fiancé.  Twenty-year-old’s in love.  They have worked hard to get their new home put together the way they like it.  My daughter just posted pictures of the two of them with a Home Sweet Home plaque, the keys to their new house and pictures of the before and after work on the hardwood floors and the painting of the walls.  They both seem really happy and although they are not the kind of lovebirds that are constantly holding hands or cannot be apart for more than five minutes… they have a very mature love.  Now lets just hope this Coronavirus is all out of our systems by January when they are planning on getting married…. If her dress, we ordered back in March ever gets here.

On a completely different note.  I am sorry I got so behind.  You see… my daughter bought me a video game (Animal Crossing) and I am hooked.  Plus, I have spent the last three nights watching the peaceful protests deteriorate into riots and looting about 35 miles south of us.  There has got to be justice.  There has got to be CHANGE.  So, I have been destressing with Animal Crossing and playing with a friend and it is so easy to lose track of the time.  I just have not been on WordPress much the last few days.  But I am trying to catch up.  Slowly but surely, I will get it done.

Everyone out there stay safe… from the virus and the violence.  We need to come together and support one another right now.  Peace be with you!  (((HUGS)))

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – lovebirds

10 thoughts on “Mumbles … Lovebirds”

  1. It’s sometimes necessary to get immersed in something that serves as a distraction and that takes your mind off of all of the shit that is swirling all around us. No need to apologize.

    And that’s wonderful that your daughter and her fiancé are so happy.

  2. I think it’s cool your daughter and fiancé have been putting sweat equity into their home. Not many young people seem to want to do that these days. Hopefully the wedding will come off without a hitch.
    Enjoy your distraction, Leigha. We all certainly need a break!

  3. Sometimes doing something that gets your mind off the world is good. Something you can just immerse yourself in, and forget that we are living in a world with a pandemic, riots, racism, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. I have yet to find my distraction.

    1. My number one go to is writing the frustrations out… I just don’t post all of it to clog the reader feeds. A video game like Animal Crossing comes next and there is good old rock and roll, or any music that is good! I hope you can find your distraction. Thank you!

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