Two Timer

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“I can’t believe he did that!  Right to your face?” Melanie asked shockingly.

Carol just shook her head yes and said, “His lie was so obvious.  Of course, he said he forgot that I worked on Wednesdays, but still bringing that woman to where I work?  He doesn’t have a brain.  He should have known I would find out even if I wasn’t there.”

“Carol, the man is a slime ball.  I am so glad you found out now before you got anymore into him than you were.”

“Still It hurts.  I did like him; I don’t know what I did to send him searching for someone else.  I thought things were going well.”

“You are better off without him.  Sorry it does still hurt, but you deserve someone who will focus solely on you.”

“I guess Dan just didn’t care like I thought.  He can have that lady; his “tutor” can bail him out next time he gets another bad grade in English.”

“That will be next week, Carol!”  Both women began to laugh.

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – slime

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