Feelings, For The Win

Okay, in my attempt to catch up on things I had this challenge just brewing in the background.  I think now is a good time to tackle it before I forget it altogether.  This was a challenge created by Xandria and I was so long ago tagged by Sadje – THANK YOU Sadje!

The rules are simple.  Just list your 10 favorite feelings.  So I will dig through the clutter in my mind and try to come up with a list.

  1. Seeing the look of love for me in someone else’s eyes.  When the emotion of love is returned it is a truly magical thing.
  2. Happiness… plain and simply smiling when you have no reason, the feeling is just there. (Sadly hard to achieve lately)
  3. Memories of friends gone.  I had a friend who was only in my life for a short time but (long story) every time I see a box of oatmeal I have to smile because I remember how he helped me out of a dark time.
  4. Musical memories.  Hearing a song can take me back.  Back to a concert, back to a first dance, back to a friend… those are all happy triggers.
  5. The smell of good food.  There are some memories triggered by scent.  One of the strongest ones for me is popcorn.  My dad made the best stovetop popcorn.  I don’t know how he seasoned it differently, I use the same seasonings and get nothing like his was.  Yum!
  6. Spiritual I guess is the feeling.  I get what I consider a closer contact with Mother Nature, Father Earth, God, Science (whatever that higher power is that exists for you) when I am in a quiet spot in nature.  Although it isn’t really quiet… birds singing, bugs buzzing, squirrels chittering, the wind through the tress.  I am connected as close as I can be.
  7. Clean and comfy… that feeling right after a shower when you step into some nice clean comfy clothes. 

(these last three are no brainers)

8. Friendship.  To spend time with friends, get a hug from a friend, laugh with a friend.  It is good for the soul.

9. The opposite side of number one… me being in love, especially the early days when you are realizing it is more there than just like or lust.

10. And the ultimate feeling of contentment lying in my lover’s arms after sex.

Now I don’t tend to tag people for challenges like these. But if you are interested in sharing your favorite feelings feel free to! It is a little bit of positivity in this bleak year.

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