Living-It-Up Will

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Carolynn grabbed the mail out of the mailbox and closed it back up.  Flipping through what was there she saw a letter that caught her eye.  She went into her apartment and slipped off her shoes.  Threw all but the letter down on the table and sat on the couch to read it.

It was from her Grandma Sheryl and she usually just wrote on birthdays and holidays, this was a bit odd to receive it today.  She unfolded a letter and a piece of paper fell out.  Bending over she picked it up seeing it was a check for $5000.  She audibly gasped.  Instantly going back to the letter she read why.

I am sending you this check so you can enjoy my inheritance while I am still here and can see how happy it makes you.  I have discussed this with your father and you and your sister both will receive this check.  NO BILLS paid with it… only fun things – a vacation, some new furniture, a year of meals out, that new camera you have been wanting, video games.  I am sure you can find something fun to do with it.  I just ask in return that you share your joy with me!

Carolynn was shocked.  Just then her phone rang.  “Hello?  Yeah, I got mine today too.  I am just stunned.  It is a pretty cool idea though sis.”

Written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August (FDDA) #5 – inheritance

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