In A Rush

My writing helpers

I write anywhere and everywhere.  I always have paper with me or my notepad on my phone.  But for my blogging time I am always in my recliner with my laptop.  Usually a cat laying somewhere on the chair or me.  I have something to drink close by.  Often a music channel on for background inspiration and any notes I have made up to the time of writing.  A lot of my writing comes to me in a rush.  Then I edit.  On a few rare occasions I have written and felt it needed no rewrites, but that doesn’t happen often.  And I am probably wrong about it not needing the editing done to it, but I like it or I don’t publish.  Speaking of publishing… it is that time.  And off to the next word prompt.

(This is a rare picture of me… I feel a little like the neighbor Wilson on Home Improvement with something always hiding my face. I really do hate to have my picture taken. But this picture makes me smile… sadly the middle cat is gone and the top cat is very sick but they are all in my heart)

Written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August (FDDA) #13 – your blogging space

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