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I have always had some kind of hobby going on in my life.  My first was stamp collecting (does anyone still do that?) and then my Dad got me into some coin collecting.  In my teen years they came out with trading cards for Kiss, Elvis, the movie Grease, Star Trek the Next Generation, etc.  I did the non-sport trading cards for a while and still have quite a few.  About that same time, I started getting lots of jewelry, figurines and so on with unicorns.

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Fast forward to the late 80s or early 90s… the start of the state quarters got me back into a little coin collecting.  Also working as a cashier, I would see old coins come into my register and ask to trade them out.  Then my daughter came, and a Disney and kids DVD collection started.

A recent card I did for a friend out of state.

Now a days it is my rubber stamping making all my own greeting cards.  And of course, writing.  I have done that since junior high school.  I would be lost without a creative outlet.  My next hobby… I want to save money to get a new camera and really work on my photography.  I will keep myself busy one way or another.  How about you?

Written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August (FDDA) #15 – your hobby or hobbies

14 thoughts on “Creative Outlet”

  1. I had to leave a comment, man do I have a hard time writing
    a blog. Im trying to kick start one on my website and
    I must say
    its challenging at all. I do admire people like yourself who are
    able to write about anything with ease. Keep up the nice work!

    1. Scrapbooking and making cards use a lot of similar products and techniques. I made one page with my daughter for a school project but I been afraid to face the BOXES full of pictures to get an album or two done.

  2. I used to collect Music Boxes but many were water globes and broke in the extreme freeze we had a few years ago. I had them in storage, not thinking about the weather effect. 😡 I have a small collection of music memorabilia. I used to make my own cards with rubber stamps, too! I still have my stamps and ink but I have no idea where they are! 😮 Now I want to find them! Thanks for the reminder!

      1. Haha! I forgot about the stamps already…again! I had every intention of looking for them yesterday but forgot all about it. Lol. I’m pretty sure I’ll need to buy new ink anyway but I’ll look for them today!

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