Oh, to see his smile again

I always loved his laugh

He was from New York

And missed it terribly

But he fit in well here too

He introduced me to

The music of Genesis and

Gave me my first taste of sushi

I was in love but it wasn’t meant to be

He definitely had the city life in his veins

And I was young and naive

I will never forget the night it ended

Crying in his car in front of my house

I wanted to stay friends

But he was not so inclined

Even after more than 30 years

I still wonder where he is

And if he ever thinks of me

I do still catch myself

Looking at pictures of him

And the old feelings stir

I will always have

A place in my heart for him

Written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August (FDDA) #18 – your first love

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