Velvet Dress

The box looked ancient

It was held together with twine

A layer of dust covered the top

Carefully she picked it up

Curiosity getting the best of her

She untied the twine

And gently lifted the lid off

She was shocked to find

It was a very old burgundy dress

And there were some papers with it

Her mom had worn this dress

On a few rare occasions as a child

But it was actually

Her great-great-great grandmother’s dress

The dress she had been married in

It showed some signs of age

But considering how many years ago

It had been a wedding dress

It was remarkable well preserved

Smiling she replaced the papers

Closed the lid and tied it back up

Ready to be rediscovered some other day

(This is basically true… but I can’t recall the number of greats before grandma and she was TINY it was probably a size 5 dress. I know I could only wear it when I was very young and it was not too terribly long on me. A little piece of history to hand down to my daughter)

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – ancient

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