Cursed Gravity

A fun fact… most of the big ones I have at some time covered with a portion of a post.  So, I am going back to a special thing I did that I can barely remember but I had a love hate relationship with it.  Back in the day (early 70s), at least around here, there was a class you could take through parks and rec that was a skill I have used zero times in my life.

Both my sister and I took a class for baton twirling.  It was very big for baton twirlers to be at the state fair talent search, and the occasional marching band, but your average citizen does not need that skill.  I loved the class because my mom used to twirl a baton in her marching band and made it look so easy.  I wanted to be just like mom.

Gravity had other plans for me and I dropped the baton more times than I caught it.  And there were the bruises from this metal stick with heavy rubber knobs on it falling and hitting me in various places.  I was black and blue all over my arms.

Now in 2020, nearly 50 years later, I wonder if any towns still offer classes like that for kids in the summer or any time of year really.  Of course now a days, you would get a visit from child protective services if you had a child with that many bruises.  It was an experience that was not a life changer, but I can look back and smile at how hard I tried to be like mom.

Written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August (FDDA) #24 – a fun fact

(photo from Google search)

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