Thank You Teacher

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I will never forget it.  I was in seventh grade and walking into English class you could just tell the teacher seemed on edge, not her usually chipper self.  She came to the front of the classroom and said she had our papers graded and was not happy.  She wanted to demonstrate something.  So, she walked to the far-left side of the chalkboard and wrote the letter “a.”  Then she walked to the far-right side of the chalkboard and wrote “lot.”  And in a rather loud upset voice told us those two should NEVER meet again.  There is no word “alot” because they are two separate words.  She went on to explain about the papers, but to this day every time I write a lot or see alot written wrong I still remember that day. Definitely a lesson learned.

Written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August (FDDA) #21 – a lesson you learned

The Pattern of Friendship

I see them there

Perfectly in line

Diamonds after diamonds

Completing the design

I know the pattern well

As a looked at that table

For week after week

Hoping you’d meet me there

 But you never did

I don’t know if you were

Afraid of me

Afraid of us or

Afraid of yourself

But we never met there

And ten years later

I still wonder if you had

Would things have ended differently

Would you still be my friend

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – design

Yeah, Yeah

Follow along everyone… So the FDDA post asked for “your temperment” – I thought on that for a moment and then moved onto what else Fandango had written. When I got to “Do you go with the flow…” I knew what I had to do. I hope you enjoy a little trip down memory lane…

For Fandango’s Dog Days of August (FDDA) #20 – your temperament

As Love


You and me

Have been together

For many years

But what we have

I would not classify as love

We have mutual respect

But few things in common

Some days are eerily quiet

When words are hard to find

And physically distant

Is a kind way to say

Where we are at

No romance

No lust

Very little communication

I would not classify this as love

We have become roommates

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – classify


I’m a pretty easy-going person

I have a lot of patience

And I can tolerate a lot

But I do hate one thing

It is not your inability to quit

it is not the shell of your former self

it never was you

but the demon that controlled you

forced you to lie

forced to keep drinking

forced you to walk away

the demon that ended your life

I hate that alcoholism

Took you away forever

From a daughter that needed you

And from me who still loved

The man drowning in the bottle

Written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August (FDDA) # 19 – hate

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Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

You talk to her everyday

You even tell her she looks nice

But then you walk on

You’re tired of the dating scene

But you don’t want to be alone

It is time for you to open your eyes

You’re missing what is right in front of you

She smiles as soon as you walk in

She blushes when you talk to her

And she always walks the long way around the office

Just so she can go by your desk

If you can’t see the signs

That she really cares for you

Maybe you should be

Destined to be alone

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – missing

Fandango’s Friday Flashback – August 21st

I thought I would take a minute to sneak in a FFF post this week. I am still behind but getting caught up slowly but surely. This poem was originally posted August 21st of 2017 here. It was written for the word prompt “trance.” I hope you like it!

Magical Forces

You walk in with such confidence

I can’t help but sigh

I am put in a trance

By the look in your eyes

I am under a spell by the way

Your mouth turns up on one side

And the sound of your voice

Resonates deeply within me

The look of strength in your hands

Though I know the gentleness of your touch


…oh how you do so much to me

without doing a thing

For Fandango’s Friday Flashback – August 21st


Oh, to see his smile again

I always loved his laugh

He was from New York

And missed it terribly

But he fit in well here too

He introduced me to

The music of Genesis and

Gave me my first taste of sushi

I was in love but it wasn’t meant to be

He definitely had the city life in his veins

And I was young and naive

I will never forget the night it ended

Crying in his car in front of my house

I wanted to stay friends

But he was not so inclined

Even after more than 30 years

I still wonder where he is

And if he ever thinks of me

I do still catch myself

Looking at pictures of him

And the old feelings stir

I will always have

A place in my heart for him

Written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August (FDDA) #18 – your first love

Velvet Dress

The box looked ancient

It was held together with twine

A layer of dust covered the top

Carefully she picked it up

Curiosity getting the best of her

She untied the twine

And gently lifted the lid off

She was shocked to find

It was a very old burgundy dress

And there were some papers with it

Her mom had worn this dress

On a few rare occasions as a child

But it was actually

Her great-great-great grandmother’s dress

The dress she had been married in

It showed some signs of age

But considering how many years ago

It had been a wedding dress

It was remarkable well preserved

Smiling she replaced the papers

Closed the lid and tied it back up

Ready to be rediscovered some other day

(This is basically true… but I can’t recall the number of greats before grandma and she was TINY it was probably a size 5 dress. I know I could only wear it when I was very young and it was not too terribly long on me. A little piece of history to hand down to my daughter)

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – ancient

The Beat Goes On

This is the hardest easy challenge I have ever faced.  It is easy because I LOVE music.  It is hard because I love so much about music.  So how do I narrow it down?  How on earth do I just pick one topic about music to center on?  Favorite songs, favorite artists, best concerts, who I have met, the time I got on stage, my first concert, the epic Farm Aid concert… so many choices!

I wrote a short poem in high school about music that was written in the shape of a music note. “It soars with joy, it falls with sorrow, only in music, can we find our tomorrows.”   Just the first of many I would write about music and those that make music.  I have also written some lyrics.

A friend of mine put music to one of the sets of lyrics and I have that on CD.  It is such a rush to hear my words sung by someone!  He is still performing blues in the Florida area instead of pop music in the Midwest, he is pretty happy to be back to work after the shut-down.

In high school we had to write our obituaries and I of course was a lyricist whose song had just hit number 5 on the charts when I died in a car accident at 36.  But I had made it as a lyricist… a dream come true.  Now at 53 I am still dreaming and still writing.

Written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August (FDDA) #17 – music