Crank It

Turn the music up

Amplify the notes

Send the sound soaring

So everyone can hear

Sing along or

Just shout the words

Move to the rhythm

Let the music take control

Nothing can touch so many

Like a collection of notes together

It brings people closer

And moves so many

Especially now

When we mourn a loss

Crank up the radio

Let the heavens hear

Our songs of healing

This week (Oct 6th) the world of music lost a legend. I am not a musician and can’t even read music, but I know that Eddie could play the hell out of a guitar, not just play it, own it. There are so many great songs he had his hands in it is hard to pick a favorite… instead I went with an instrumental he did to celebrate the outstanding musician he was (who I discovered was self taught).

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – amplify

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