Yes, I Know My ABC’s

I have worked hard these last few days to catch up with the current year on posts… and now I am going to stop and take a little look backwards at what was often referred to as a dumpster fire of a year, 2020. (A special thank you to Deb over at Being Aunt Debbie for inspiration for this list when she did her own alphabet list.) Anyone else want to give the look back a go?

Astronomical phenomena – the Christmas star was present in the sky

Biden and Harris – the team was elected President and Vice-President in November

Covid 19 – It had a HUGE impact on our lives

Divided – For a nation that was in a fight for its life with Covid it was very much a year of pick your side

Elections – It was the biggest one to date, so many people voted on both sides.

Face masks – They were recommended, not recommended and recommended again, people both embraced and refused them and a lot of people still don’t know how to wear them properly

Governors – They were left to deal with lock downs (or not), mask mandates and closures with no real guidance from federal government

Healthcare workers – Those doctors, nurses, and all staff in hospitals and clinics were (still are) pushed to the breaking points trying to comfort and care for those with Covid and other illnesses

Isolation – Very little contact with others as lock downs and closures took place

Jokes – Late night comedians tried to help lighten the mood in the midst of a fierce election and a killer pandemic

Kindness – There were stories of millions of face masks being made, neighbors helping neighbors and loved ones being reunited by extreme measures

Loss – Numbers too high of those who did not make it through to 2021

Matter – All lives won’t matter until black lives matter…

New hobbies – millions of people took up new hobbies, mass baking caused flour shortages and I saw more posts of artwork from friends

Out of business – Far too many businesses had to shut their doors for good after costly shut-downs

Postponed – So many events were postponed, including my own daughter’s wedding

Quarantines – Many who became exposed or had tested positive had to quarantine for 10 days to 2 weeks

Remote learning – Children and parents bonded over home schooling as students were kept home in isolation from the virus

Shipping and delivery – Online shopping skyrocketed between Amazon and food delivery services

Toilet paper – Of all things there was a run on toilet paper, but supplies also ran dry for cleaners, disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer

Unemployment – with so many doors closing many found themselves out of work

Vaccine – We were approved for two vaccines for the Corona Virus

Wash your hands – Never before did I think the nation would need lessons broadcasted on how to wash your hand properly

X-rays – They showed the damage Covid could do to the human lung

Yucky, year-end and yearn – It was a yucky year but we made it to year-end and we yearn for a better 2021

Zoom meetings – I had never heard of Zoom before 2020 now it is everywhere

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