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Listen to my story

I’ll tell it if you sit here

About an unending love

For someone I hold dear

He swept me off my feet

When I was feeling low

And gave me a reason to breathe

When I wanted to let go

He boosted my confidence

And made me feel new

Like a woman with purpose

And renewed beauty too

But now he is a memory

No longer in my life

But I would take him back

And gladly be his wife

He more or less asked once

To go away with him

But I had ties here

I couldn’t leave on a whim

To this day I still love him

Still care about how he feels

But someone else has him

And from her I cannot steal

So I love him from a distance

And I know I always will

He gave me my confidence back

And for that I owe him still

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – tell

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