Mumbles … Acumen

Acumen.  Yes, another one of those words I have heard once in the distant past, but don’t use it on a regular basis.  Oxford Languages says it is “the ability to make good judgments and quick decisions, typically in a particular domain.”  So, someone might say I have crafting acumen.  Or more specifically rubber-stamping acumen.  What I would like to do though has nothing to do with acumen… it is catching up again, I can’t believe I got so far behind.  I took one night off so it should only be one night behind, but I have been so tired I don’t have the energy or the brain power to think of things to write.  I guess that is why I am just mumbling through this post.

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The good news is I did have a little fun for the one day I was absent.  We watched the Super Bowl (a sad game to watch) and then went to an area casino for a slot machine or two.  The first machine I picked I got a hit on the second spin of the wheels… won $115.  So, I put my initial money away and played on those winnings the rest of the night and the following morning.  I did lose some of it but coming home with an extra $65 was still a plus in my book.  I only do the slot machines, don’t know enough about roulette and have NO poker face. Do you play table games or slots? Do you have good luck at the casino?

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – acumen

Three Mile Therapy

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Stephanie put the car into drive and pulled away from the curb.  She had no destination in mind, just a much needed drive out of town for a bit.  She was only a few blocks from the highway that led out of town.  She snapped off the radio as her head and heart were both pounding.  He was drunk again, this time at 3 in the afternoon.  Did he start the minute he woke up after his night shift?

She drove out of town and took the first gravel road to the South.  This road would connect up with another highway that would lead her back to town, but she had a good three miles stretch that was all hers.  She slowed the car and without letting go of the wheel screamed as loud as she could for as long as her breath held out.  It was a cathartic release of all the stress and anger she had building up.  It was either that or collapse in deep heaving sobs and cry for an hour or more.  She didn’t want to cry.  She had already shed enough silent tears when she showered.  This was her one other release.

She took a couple of deep breaths and let out another long and loud scream as she continued down the road.  No other cars or people around to hear her and it was such a needed release.  She took another deep breath and let out a third scream almost cracking her voice as she neared the stop sign.  She then took a couple deeper breaths and, in a whisper, said, “someday this will all end… soon I hope.”  Then she turned the car onto the highway and headed back to home.

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – cathartic


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Listen to my story

I’ll tell it if you sit here

About an unending love

For someone I hold dear

He swept me off my feet

When I was feeling low

And gave me a reason to breathe

When I wanted to let go

He boosted my confidence

And made me feel new

Like a woman with purpose

And renewed beauty too

But now he is a memory

No longer in my life

But I would take him back

And gladly be his wife

He more or less asked once

To go away with him

But I had ties here

I couldn’t leave on a whim

To this day I still love him

Still care about how he feels

But someone else has him

And from her I cannot steal

So I love him from a distance

And I know I always will

He gave me my confidence back

And for that I owe him still

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – tell


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Is what we are given

All that we need

Or is there a fire inside

That can never be quenched

Do we always want more

Or things we just can’t reach

Will we ever be satisfied

Or is there always a desire

That drives us to want

What is beyond our means

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – given

Rain or Shine

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You are an example

Of a fair-weather friend

You are there when you need me

But distant when I reach out

It didn’t used to be that way

We used to share a lot

Soul mates you had said

Friends to the end

But now the tables have turned

And I sit alone more often

I wonder if I have done

Something that may have offended

But I have to know it is not me

It just the way things played out

I may not be a priority to you

But you’ll forever be one for me

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – example

We Didn’t Start the Fire

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Denise was in her car on Highway 30 when she heard sirens.  Looking in her review mirror she saw a police car coming up behind her.  She slowed, turned her radio down and started to get ready to pull over.  She knew what she had done.  You see her favorite song came on and she was lost in the music not paying attention like she should.  Denise had a propensity to speed.  And when she got lost in music, especially a fast song, she went faster.  It is just the way she was wired.

The officer wrote out her ticket for 65 mph in a 55 mph zone, he cut off the extra 4 mph she was really going, taking the ticket down a tier in dollar value.  She thanked the officer (he was just doing his job) and slowly went on her way.  She would have some explaining to do tonight at dinner when her husband asked how her day had been.

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – propensity

I’d Call Him Anthony Tobias

I ride a majestic white unicorn

Across fields of purple flowers

We slow down by a fairy circle

Watching the diminutive dance

A slow pace takes us to the river’s edge

The unicorn drinks while I dream

Thoughts of princes and grand balls

Waltz through my mind

Just as the unicorn lays beside me

A melody drifts across the wind

I wake and begin to hum along

The music growing louder shattering my peace

KDRB blasts my good morning music

And I am in my bed facing a normal reality

But I grin in remembrance of the dream

Wishing I had a unicorn of my own

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – unicorn


I sit and wonder

If it would be worth it

Should I take the plunge

Walk across the room

And talk to you

Take a minute to say hi

I am not sure

Maybe you wont remember

What we once had

Was oh so long ago

But I have not forgotten

And long to hear your laugh

Before the chance escapes

I stand up to make my move

Uncertain and a little scared

But this is it

Now or never

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – plunge


Life erodes my strength

I am tired

Stress is the villain

Making me exhausted

I work so hard

Trying to be in control

But slowly my hold

Begins to deteriorate

Crumbling around me

The foundation is not sound

And more of my life chips away

I try to get back to you

Latching onto something stable

If only you’ll reach out your hand

Pull me from this shrinking reality

Into the safety of your arms

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – deteriorate