Read Between the Lines

The boy sat outside the office door.  His parents were inside talking to the principal.  He had gotten caught reading a comic book instead of his history book for the second time in as many weeks.  The door slowly opened, and Mr. Whitaker called Johnny to come into the office.

“Johnny, your parents and I have conferred and have come to a decision.  We don’t want a suspension on your record, but we cannot ignore your lack of respect for Mrs. Halladay.  Starting Monday after first period, you will report here to my office to have a private History lesson as I used to teach history before I became the principal.”  Mr. Whitaker paused and looked at Johnny’s parents and back at him.  “You will do this for one week until the midterm exam and then you will return to Mrs. Halladay’s class to take the test.  Do you understand Johnny?”

Johnny looked almost white as a sheet and he swallowed hard, “Yes, Mr. Whitaker I understand.”

Johnny’s father said, “You will also have at least an hour of study at home too son, so there will be no reason you shouldn’t get an A on that midterm.”

Johnny’s mother just smiled a weak smile at her son.  His dad then continued, “Well Mr. Whitaker if there is nothing else, I think we should take Johnny home now.”

The principal got up and opened the office door for them.  “Thanks for coming Mr. and Mrs. Sanders.  And Johnny I will see you next week.”

The family of three left the school in silence.  Johnny feared this would not be the end of the discussion about it.  And when he got home, he found out how right he was.

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – confer

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