Cookie, Cookie, Cookie Starts With C

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Chicago, Cream, Credence Clearwater Revival, Cher… Crying, Come On In, Calling All Angels, Carry On Wayward Son… Cello, crescendo, concert… what can I choose?

One of my first favorite songs impacted my love of smooth harmonies.  I recall my mom being a fan of Mama Cass Elliot and we watched her on Merv Griffin or Mike Douglas that I vaguely remember (could have been a rerun too).  I just remember Mom pointing her out and then hearing California Dreaming not long afterwards.  The sound was great!

I have since listened to many of the Mamas and Papas songs but still go back to “California Dreaming” as my favorite.  They had some of the best harmonies I have heard, and it was so smooth… and who doesn’t want to think about someplace warm on a winter’s day?

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