Open Up The Tool Box

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I surround myself with my tools of the trade

A small dictionary

Pen and paper

My laptop

Links for pictures, quotes and rhyming words

I turn on some music

But not loud

I want it to entice the words

Not drown them out

I am set now

I wait for the first spark

Sometimes I run with it

Sometimes it’s garbage

But when the right words

Fall into place

I begin to polish and shape

That which is just born

I am a wordsmith

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – wordsmith

**A quick note… I am doing the A to Z challenge and I made the mistake of publishing my letter D last night. We aren’t suppose to write on Sundays… I forgot so I won’t be publishing letter E yet, so I can get back on track. Silly me!

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