(A2Z) First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

Photo by Elina Sazonova on Pexels.com

Fats Domino, Fleetwood Mac, Frank Sinatra, Fall Out Boy… Faithfully, Fat Bottom Girls, Flowers On The Wall, F***ing Perfect… French horn, forte, fugue, flute… fun and fantastic finds.

What is your favorite type of film?  I had seen the big music productions from the fifties, but it was when a movie about a group of high school kids hit the big screen I really connected.  The movie was Fame.  I saw the movie several times, read the book and then they did a TV series that ran from January 7, 1982 to 1987 and I would tune in weekly.

I was not a dancer, a musician or an actor want to be, but I did love words and had dreams of writing song lyrics someday.  And I had the biggest crush on Lee Curreri who played Bruno Martelli.  He was actually the first person I wrote a fan letter to… and he actually sent back an autographed picture.  At 16 years old I was over the moon!

 The show did not focus solely on aspiring performers, but kids in high school and all that comes with that too.  But they did have musical numbers and dancing every episode… I loved the show!  And I will share a clip from one episode where Lee/Bruno sang a song I loved, “Be My Music.”  Incidentally it was cowritten by Lee Curreri and Ethan Hurt.

(isn’t he cute! 😊)

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30 thoughts on “(A2Z) First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”

    1. “…and right here is where you start paying for it, in sweat.” I know the Kids From Fame have done tours over seas. I would be a babbling fool if I could actually see a concert of theirs. I still miss Leroy/Gene though. 😭

  1. I remember that movie and the series that followed! At that time, I wished I could find the courage to learn to dance or to find a teacher or class or something. But I had a mother who never encouraged my sisters and me to do anything. In fact, whenever we showed interest in something she’d scoff at the idea and we always dropped the subject. 😦

    1. Sounds like my mom… I wanted piano lessons and since my older sister had not practiced and stuck with her guitar lessons she said I wouldn’t either and I never got the chance.

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