The Clean Up Crew

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The sandwich shop was empty except for the crew of three employees on duty for the late evening shift.  Within a span of five minutes the three of them looked a total of twelve times at the clock.  It was New Years Eve and they were hoping to get closed and cleaned up in time to see the midnight fireworks.  9:58pm and in walks a couple.  You could tell the crew was openly discouraged, but faced the customers with smiles, “May we help you?”

The couple ordered and left, the shift manager locked the door and put the closed sign out.  “Do you think we can still make the fireworks Dan?”

The shift manager said, “We will sure try.  Get started on the dishes, while Bill cleans down the grill and I will do the drawers and pull deposit.  First person done gets lobby, second gets bathrooms.”

You could hear Bill groan from the grill and scrapping beginning almost immediately.  The crew worked hard on all of their closing duties.  When the mop bucket was emptied and turned upside down, the friers reduced to closing temp and turned off, and the pop machines torn down for the night, it was 11:18, “Not bad guys, looks like the fireworks won’t start until we get there.  Thanks for the hard work tonight.”

The three left the building after Dan entered the lock code on the alarm pad.  Then they disappeared into the dark.

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – crew

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