Fish and Frogs

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The pandemic has altered a lot of plans… those for last year certainly and a big portion of this year already.  This could be the family down the street…

Mother – “Your father and I called you all here for an impromptu meeting about our summer vacation.  I know last year you were all disappointed we couldn’t go anywhere because of the pandemic.  This year we may leave our options open.  It will not be anything extravagant but cheap doesn’t have to mean no fun.”

Father – “Your mother and I want you to know we are trying to plan the most bang for our buck with this vacation more so than we normally do.  One option we were thinking about is renting an RV and going to a campground close by.  There could be swimming, fishing, hiking and lots of sitting watching nature.”

Oldest son – “Dad do we really have to?  I was hoping to get a summer job.  A ton of places are hiring.” 

Daughter – “Yeah, and Mrs. Everhart already asked if I could watch Janie this summer while she was back at work half days.”

Youngest son – “Awesome!  Can I catch a frog and keep it?”

… are you planning a vacation this summer with the possibility of being vaccinated by then?

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – impromptu

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