(A2Z) Very Visual Fun

Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Pexels.com

Van Halen, Vanilla Ice, Vince Gill, Village People… Valleri, Vacation, Vienna, Video Killed the Radio Star… Violin, vivace, vibrato, vocal music… very diverse verses.

This is something out of the ordinary.  It is something I found I enjoyed a lot more than I thought I would.  This is Video Games Live.  It is a concert experience like no other.  Tommy Tallarico hosts the concerts that take place with a local symphony.  The music is not your normal symphony pieces though.

The local symphonies practice and perfect video game music.  The stage show runs video footage of the games the songs are from.  And it is lighted like a rock concert.  I only play a select few games, so I didn’t know all the songs or anything, but they all sounded awesome!  First time I have been to a symphony with yelling and cheering going on (that was at Tommy’s request).

After the show (at the show I went to) Tommy set up to sign autographs.  Unfortunately, we were unable to stand in line as we had a long drive home.  But we did purchase some merchandise before the night ended.

The concert and available CDs include everything from the early 8bit songs to the driving rock tunes written exclusively for todays edgy games.  They have costume or cosplay contests of the video game characters.  Giveaways on stage and it is so much FUN!

Unfortunately, with covid there is only one concert on their tour schedule right now and it is not until next year.  Check out their website here and this is a piece of one of their shows.

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11 thoughts on “(A2Z) Very Visual Fun”

  1. Oh loved that video…my favourite game ever. I even have the tattoo and msmed my eldest after master chief! Beautiful…

    Oh and here’s one for you. Volbeat…


      1. Maybeline I hofteholder

        Love that!

        Guitar gangsters album is my favourite. Ive seen them twice In concert in the last ten years i think…only band ive seen live as now im very old lol

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