The Smallest Clue

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The room to the left of the stairway was his.  He had a spartan look to the room with only a bed and a desk.  No pictures on the walls or decoration on his desk.  A basic laptop set in front of the desk chair and everything else was in the closet.

He came home from work and knew immediately that someone had been in his room.  The laptop was still on the desk.  The closet door still shut, and nothing had been moved on the bed since he had made it.  How was he so sure someone had been in his room?


She sat in his chair and thought to herself, “He needs to know I was here, but how?”  She suddenly smiled and opened his one desk drawer a fraction of an inch.  If he was truly going to be right to recruit to be a spy, he had to be observant.  She then slid a business card under his pillow being careful not to disturb the case.  He would find it and get ahold of her, she was sure.

Now she sat back and waited for the call.  It wasn’t but about 20 minutes later when the phone rang.  Let the games begin.

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – spartan

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