Five Years Past

The fur no longer

Covers the chair

Where you used to lie

No more food kernels

To sweep up

Remnants of breakfast

Your meows still

Echo through

My crying memories

I miss you today

As much as yesterday

And every tomorrow

You still purr in my soul

Forever my shadow

My handsome Stumpy

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – echo

14 thoughts on “Five Years Past”

    1. What you can’t see out of the picture is he only had three legs and one stump… that is how he got his name. I bet Smudge had him beat for paws. 🐈

  1. Very heartbreaking and poignant. Hearing the meows when they’re no longer here, that just hit me. You depict this grief evocatively. 💔 My cat is 11, and while he’s not old-old, I know that time will pass quick (as it does) before he’s no longer here.

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