Yes or No

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She sat on the edge of the tub.  Her leg was nervously bouncing.  For the seventh time she glanced at her watch.  It was almost time.  She was so nervous, completely confused as to whether she wanted a yes or a no.

The time was here she stood up, took the three steps to the bathroom counter and picked up the test strip.  She sighed and looked at the results. Her mind instantly went to Dan.  How would he feel about this?  He has never said he absolutely did not want kids, but he had also never said he did.

She heard the front door open and he stomped the snow off of his boots before he took his coat off.  She stood waiting in the living room for him to join her.  “Hey babe, how are you doing,” he asked as he entered the room from the porch.

She stood very still and so unsure what to say.  He came to her and went to touch her warm checks with his cold hands, she pulled back and squeaked out a, “Don’t.”

“What’s wrong, don’t want to feel the chill of winter my dear?”

“Dan, I have something to tell you.  Can you be serious for a minute.”

“Babe I am always serious about you.”

“I found something out today.”  She took his hands in hers and squeezed tightly.  “We are going to have a baby, I’m pregnant.”

Dan’s chin dropped only to be rapidly replaced by a smile.  “A baby, that is great!” He wrapped his arms around his wife and whispered, “I love you so much I never thought I could love you more, but now I do.”

The two wrapped up together and began to kiss.  She thought to herself, “I am so glad he’s happy, wait until I tell him how many twins run in my family.”

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – pregnant

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