Mumbles … Altruistic

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To give without expectations is a wonderful thing to do… it is not always easy.  You give a present on somebody’s birthday; you expect a positive response; at the very least you want a thank you.  You spend hours on a special dinner for someone.  You still expect some kind of comment about how good the food taste.  BUT if you can give with no hopes of anything in return that is a true altruistic nature.  You give of your time, talent, money for the benefit of others.  You are not doing it for a photo op.  You are not doing it to further your career.  You are doing it because it is a kind thing to do.

I have probably been the most altruistic about fund raising for Children’s Miracle Network when I used to work.  For many years I was the only cashier asking people for donations.  Finally, management decided everyone else needed a little push and started giving away prizes for the fund raising.  I tried to get others on board with information about what CMN did to help sick kids and their families.  I only took one of the prizes, a free 20oz soda because I was thirsty.  But the bottom line was always the needs of the kids.

That is about the best I do with altruistic at nearly 3am (I wrote this last night and fell asleep before I could post it).  Not sleeping tonight so I might as well work on WordPress.  I have some free time coming up so maybe I can whittle down the days I am dreadfully behind on.  Got a steroid shot in my hip today so will be down with pain tomorrow before it gets better in the next couple of days.  I hope everyone has a great (and maybe an altruistic) weekend!

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – altruistic

5 thoughts on “Mumbles … Altruistic”

    1. Doing ok, staying indoors today and there is an air quality alert due to wildfire smoke drifting over the state. Hope you are well too! 🤗

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