A Difficult Cup of Joe

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

She opened the door to the coffee shop and stepped inside.  The welcoming smell of coffee filled the air.  She waited behind the man who was in line ahead of her and she couldn’t help but overhear his order.  It was one of those five-mile-long orders with half syrup, soy milk, an extra shot, extra foam and extra hot.  She felt like rolling her eyes.  She couldn’t understand why people got so picky about their drinks.  She took hers with the basics.  Now it was her turn and she stepped up to the counter and ordered her hot caramel latte.

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – foam

Is It Time

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The years have gone by

And you can tell

They are beginning

To take their toll on us

I no longer believe

I can sustain the façade

Of a perfectly happy home

So it’s time for truth

And a dose of reality

Is it worth the struggle

To hold on tight

Or is it simply

Time for goodbye

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – sustain


She came with a dog; she didn’t even ask.  She just brought him into my house like she owned the place.  I have cats.  They don’t particularly like dogs.  Thank goodness he is a little dog.  The cats are bigger and rule the house still.  It is not that I dislike dogs; he is a cute little fur ball.  It is the lack of respect to my feelings and ultimately the feelings of my cats.  So far, no major squabbles.  He does try to eat the cat’s food occasionally but just give him a bone treat and he is happy.

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – bone

A Moment of Clarity

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He is unaware of my feelings

Oblivious to my sadness

I have breakthrough moments of happiness

But they are becoming fewer and fewer

Under the watchful eyes in my home

Afraid I will do something wrong

Peace is just a distant memory

Joy a thing of the past

Anxiety paralyses my being

Depression haunts my soul

One day something has to change

And any change is better than this

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – oblivious

Domestic Violence Is Now A Part Of Me — The happy Quitter!

When I was asked to sew facemasks, I started a friendship with a woman who works with homeless people and shelters. Before I knew what hit me, I got involved, jumped in head forward -not knowing what I got myself into. I wanted to help, and I started collecting bras and feminine hygiene products for […]

Domestic Violence Is Now A Part Of Me — The happy Quitter!

This is a very good post that shares vital information for several parts of the world. I am sharing this as I did utilize my local shelter for assistance and am always looking for ways to give back. Be sure to read the comments for ideas on how to help on limited time and resources. No matter how small your contribution, you can make a difference!

Rule Breaker

Photo by Steshka Willems on Pexels.com

Yep, I am breaking the rules. I am jumping almost two weeks ahead… well not ahead, but to today. I haven’t done many of Fandango’s Who Won the Week challenges but I had to post today.

My winner for the week is the state of Iowa, specifically the city of Dyersville. After years of talk and planning and hoping… the first major league baseball game ever played in Iowa happened. But it wasn’t just a regular ballgame. This was a scene from a movie played out.

‘The New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox met in the corn fields of Dyersville to play the Field of Dreams game. Old time uniforms, a audience of Iowan fans and a visit from the film’s star all made for a mgical night. No, I was not one of the lucky ones to get a ticket, but we did catch most of the end of the game on TV. It was so cool to see the homers disappear between the rows of corn.

Some of the best news was later on when I heard not only the game would be played again next year, but it was the highest watched ball game in the last 16 years on TV. So cool.

My winner for the week… the Field of Dreams.

Photo from Google and Travel Iowa

Written for Fandango’s Who Won the Week (FWWTW) – August 15

Check Out the Clothes… and that HAIR!

There are a million ways I could take this prompt but my youth will not let it die… all I can think of is the song, “Naughty, Naughty” by John Parr. A song straight out of the 80’s when hair bands ruled the airwaves and MTV (back when the M actually stood for Music). I hope you like this trip back more than 30 years ago!

For Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – naughty

Mumbles … Dogmatic

Hello everyone… here I am stuck on another prompt.  Well, I can’t exactly say I am stuck.  I only have one thought in my head, and it just keeps repeating with no new direction I can run with it.  So, here I am to tell you, I saw a bumper sticker once that said, “My karma ran over your dogma.”  I know what you’re thinking, “But the word you should be working on is not dogma it is dogmatic.  Can’t say that I have ever uttered a sentence with that word in it.

I could always take another route and mention the movie Dogma… but here again that is only the root word and I have only seen the movie once a LONG time ago.  So much for idea number two!

Looking for quotes gave me a strike three and I am out… which reminds me.  Did any of you watch the Field of Dreams baseball game this week?  Pretty cool they way it all happened.  Never thought I would hear a baseball game where the commentator said the ball went into the corn field.  Never thought I would be able to watch (on TV only) a live MLB game from within the state.

Now that I have explained what I am not going to do.  I will finish this and post it as I am nodding off writing it.   I hope you go into the new week with positive thoughts and lots of hope. 

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – dogmatic


Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Slowly creeping into my sleep

Insidious thoughts warp my mind

Mostly focused on myself

I feel like a failure again

The demons whisper to me

In a sinister voice

Telling me lies that hurt

Intended to divide my mind

Subtlety they plant ideas

That place the doubt around

And I am left by morning

Feeling treacherous and blind

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – insidious