Shareholders Report

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Kim sat down at her desk, another report due by the end of the day and she was just thinking about a quick lunch, but now there would be no time.  This was a long report the boss wanted typed up and printed for the shareholders meeting later this week.  She had to format a few graphs to enter into the report and make it representative of the company.

As she was finalizing the last pie graph on the report.  Someone tapped her shoulder and she jumped in her chair.  She quickly swung around preparing to tell that person to announce themselves. “When you come up to…” she didn’t have a chance to finish it when her boss asked her about the report.  “I am just about done sir.”

“I need it emailed to me no later than 4:30 so I have time to approve it.  If changes are necessary, you will need to update it before you leave unfortunately.”

Kim felt her blood pressure rising and her anger creeping up on her.  She took a deep breath and reminded herself that she had not had lunch, so she knew she was just hangry.  Nothing to do about it now.  She returned to finish her work.  She typed on the keys until she finally used the mouse button to send it to her boss.  Nothing to do but sit back and wait now. 

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – hangry

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