Photo by Alexander Dummer on Pexels.com

She rested her head by putting her forehead in her hand.  It had been a long day and he was endlessly droning on about something she had absolutely no interest in.  She wasn’t trying to be rude it was just about the tenth time he had told this particular story.

She was thinking about how soon it would be over.  She had asked him to move out and he had already found an apartment to rent.  It’s not that she stopped loving him, it was more a case of shock over how little he had matured as the years went on.  Sometimes she felt like she was with a toddler who just wouldn’t listen.  He had heard her when she asked him to leave.  He tried to do some of the things she asked but it proved to be way too little and just too late.

She now sat down in her chair to … well, to do whatever she wanted.  The possibilities were endless without restrictions to tie her down.

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – forehead

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