Mumbles … Everything

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Everything…. We want everything to go smoothly, we have everything to do to get ready for the holidays and we think we have everything under control.   Everything begins to overwhelm us and we worry about everything.

I am stuck here in my little corner thinking about everything… and it is getting to be too much when I have to choose between things I like or want to do.  What I am trying to say is I REALLY want to get caught up, but it is looking less like I will.  I am still going to try.  I have started looking at daily posts as they come out for the day and then just writing for the days I am behind.  I don’t know if I can keep that up as I struggle to get cards out NO LATER than Tuesday morning.  I plan to have everything out tomorrow, but plans don’t always go right.

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I still need a day for treats.  I think this is my plan… letters and cards out Monday, treats on Tuesday and Wrapping Wednesday and Thursday along with shopping for any last minute things I realize I need.  I think that covers everything.  And with any luck I can still squeeze in WP.  No matter what… when January first hit.  I will concentrate on only January posts.  If there is anything I am missing you think I should see just drop me a link in my comments.  I still have all of the week after Christmas with nothing else going on to beat my deadline.  But we will see how everything plays out.

THANK YOU all so much for everything… it is back to the reader I go!

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – everything

5 thoughts on “Mumbles … Everything”

    1. I think it is just the card deadline and the goodies (I often take them to my therapists office for the great staff there and my dr of course) so once I get passed Wednesday I can calm down some. (((HUGS))) back to you!

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