Power Play

Photo by Kristina Polianskaia on Pexels.com

When the woman walked into the room, conversations were suddenly quieter, and people turned to stare, but the woman coming into the room didn’t seem to notice, or maybe she just soaked in the attention.  The woman who turned heads was Annie and she was on a mission.

Annie instantly scanned the room and was zeroed in on the company vice president.  She looked the type who didn’t waste time with small potatoes.  She could smell the money.

In no time at all there were seven men around Annie, and not all of them were single.  You could hear her laughter followed by theirs all across the apartment.  Within a short half an hour Annie was practically draped across the company president.  She began to weave her web and lure him further in towards her lair.

That night set in motion an unstoppable force.  Annie’s wanton ways and thirst for power had her seated on the board of directors and a major shareholder in just months.  And she had only just begun.

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – wanton

5 thoughts on “Power Play”

  1. Damn, she takes what she wants and gets it. It’s almost as if she’s eyeing her prey and always is a step ahead or two. It’s crazy how many people are actually like that; truly sad and crazy.

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