Man, Creation or Warlock

He must be a warlock

Casting a spell on me

I can’t stop smiling

And my heart is all a flutter

His potions must work fast

As I have been enchanted instantly

His kindness and concern

Leaves me mesmerized

Can a person really be that wonderful

And not be a conjured creation

I just sit back and take in another look

Sure my eyes have been hypnotized

Into a trance of happiness

And I am going to do nothing to stop it

Just hold on tight

While this man works his magic

Photo by Vinu00edcius Vieira ft on


… just popping in here about midnight (yes, I know it is late tonight) to share some spooky things with you up until Halloween is upon us. Warlocks, ghost and skulls to name a few. Nothing scarier than real life too. So have a boo-tiful end of October and watch out for what’s around the corner. Ha, ha, ha, ha!


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