Love Receipt

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When you buy something you get a receipt, just in case it doesn’t work, it is the wrong size or you find you already have one.  Why can’t love be returnable?


It’s new

It’s shiny

It’s comfortable

It makes us feel alive


It gets old

It wears

It gets uncomfortable

It makes us reminisce the past


It sours

It becomes work

It drags us down

It makes us wish for freedom


Excuse me sir

May I see the manager

I have my receipt

I want my heart back


I have failed in the past and this new, shiny love is opening different avenues for me, but will it last?  Will it fizzle and sputter.  I put a lot of one-sided work in on past misfortunes that collapsed.  I hope I have a little fight left in me, as this feels worth it.  Only time will tell.


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – receipt


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