About Me

Digimax A50 / KENOX Q2
Light Fantasy

This is a story about a wandering mind that likes to write.  Life has had its ups and downs for me and words help me see a freedom I crave.  Honesty and happiness, truth and terrors… I am human I have it all and I just need an outlet.  From poems to nothing more than a pure spewing of words… I will try to connect something with at least one person out there who is also wandering through life not quite sure what is missing.  Pull up a chair, read, comment (I would love to hear from you), and with any luck maybe one of us will smile before the day is done.  (((HUGS)))

All photographs, artwork and writings, unless otherwise noted, are ©copyright by Leigha Robbins and my not be used without approval and proper credit to author/artist.  Thank you!

P.S.  A quick note about awards.  I have received some in the past and have been so grateful others have felt my blog good enough to win an award.  Although I have decided to remain award free at this time and will no longer do award posts.  Thanks for understanding.

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