Day 3

A late summer storm is moving in

distant thunder rumbles closer

with each lightning flash.

Rain begins to wash away the days dust

wind carries each drop driving it down.

Puddles form as the storm grows

Winds howl louder with stronger gusts.

Small bits of hail pelt down to the ground

Thunder rolls deeper and longer.

Soon the lights flicker and threaten darkness.

In a matter of minutes the winds slow,

the rumbles calm as the lightning dims.

Another short summer storm has blown through

The puddles start to soak into the ground

and the clouds break apart.

This summer storm has quenched the land.


(My Day 3 happiness is the end of a summer storm and the fresh smell new fallen rain leaves behind)


Day Two

For my happiness post I have to work a little harder today.  It has been a rough day – I missed an appointment, forgot to pay the electric bill while I was out and went half the day before I remembered to take my morning meds. But there was that moment when I was able to sit down to my computer, my comfy clothes on and put my feet up and I felt at home.  Some days I run more errands than I would like to and my aches and pains really show it.  But to hear the clanks of this old recliner as it opens up to lift my feet to a quiet rest… that moment is joy.

A quiet moment at the end of a day can turn your day around if it is just right.  Over all it was a kind of crappy day…but I am more relaxed now than I have been a good portion of the day and that my friends is happiness!  (((HUGS)))

Radical Idea

Like totally radical dude!  Ok… not really something I miss from the 80’s slang but how appropriate today.  I was checking messages and people who liked my posts and stumbled across a radical idea… find happiness daily for 100 days.  I have to credit the idea to this post by Ripples N Reflections.  The fact that the original website posting says that 71% of people fail at this is just sad.  BUT we are not about sad today we are about HAPPY.

I am modifying the challenge a bit as some things that make me happy are hard to take a picture of, but I can always find things for my babbling fingertips to type about.  So here we go…

Day 1 of #100happydays is an easy one.  The heat seems to have finally broke and we have a beautiful fall like day with mild temps and a few fluffy white clouds dotting the sky.  The windows are open and I am listening to the birds and crickets (we have so many crickets!) sing.  There is a small breeze blowing in… perfect weather.  Fall has always been my favorite time of year.  Not just because my birthday falls in this time frame, but it is so pretty with the leaves changing.  I remember childhood days raking leaves only to jump into the pile and crunch them under my feet.  Apple cider, caramel apples and trick or treaters… sweatshirts, football and pumpkins… the perfect snuggling weather.  I love fall!

Have a totally tubular day and find some happiness in the little wonders of the day.  (((HUGS)))