At The End

At the end of my rope
Your lies
And alibis
I just can’t cope

(Don’t cry)
I finally see some hope


Not My Knight

I fell in love
I fell hard
It was like a dream almost
And he was there to rescue me
But my love was premature
As his knight’s armor was tarnished
He still loved another
And would never be mine
No matter what he said
It didn’t ease the pain
He will forever be the one
Who made me believe in love at first sight
Too bad it wasn’t the same for him


I don’t want to find a cure
I want to wallow in this feeling
I want to embrace it like my life depends on it
You slowly infected me
First with the warmth of your touch
Then the softness of your kiss
You held me tight and I felt the love spread through me
Day after day you show me more
And I become more dependent on you and what you give me
No, I don’t want to find a cure
I want to savor all that is you


I made a wish
To change my life
To take who I am
And make a new me
The list of changes
Was a long one
From being fat
To being thin
From being shy
To being assertive
From being anxious
To being calm
From being depressed
To being happy
And on and on
But I realized too late
With all those changes
I lost my true self
Instead of embracing me
I chose a stranger


He walks by
And I stop in my tracks,
He has more than
slight resemblance to you.
I know it can’t be you
Since you’re miles away
And I begin to move on.
It is bad enough
That so many things
Remind me of you,
I don’t need people who do too.
I dab the corner of my eyes,
I feel the sting of loss
And know my arms
Will be empty again tonight.