A Little Me Time

Take time for yourself

Indulge in the little things

Treat yourself like royalty

Make the most of me time

Pamper yourself

Because you are worth it


Take That Step Forward?

Like a tentative foot

Stepping out onto fresh ice

I am not sure it is safe

To move further ahead with you

The attraction is overwhelming

And the friendship is already here

But I don’t know how thick the ice is

Or how true you’ll be

I have to decide

If it is worth the risk

To maybe plunge into

The icy cold depths of loss

Melting Sky

The sunset was glorious

Pink and lavender clouds

Atop an orange ball

With bright streaks of light

Struggling to hang onto the day

But alas the stars reign

As night shrouds the day

A blanket of darkness

Dotted with twinkling lights

The only way it could be better

Was if you were here to see it

Right by my side…