Lovely Little Leaves

The kettle starts to whistle

I make my way to the stove

The day has been hectic

And it’s time for a cup of tea

I search through the cupboard

Finding just the right blend

Tonight it will be a little chamomile

I pour the water over the tea and wait

When the time is right

I add a bit of honey

Then take my cup to the couch

I grab a book to read

And try to relax the day away

One sip at a time…


The four men took to the stage

with a great thunderous applause.

Before the crowd could quiet down

the band began to play

and the tenor took to the mic.

His voice sang of love and loss

then the other men joined in,

beginning to harmonize on the chorus.

The crowd roared in approval

as the bass singer hit a long low note.

Throughout the show the harmonies blended

and the crowd was drawn in

to a mesmerizing performance.

Four part harmony performed in perfection,

truly a memorable concert.

It Sleeps…

It lies beneath the surface.

It is quiet and in the shadows

Like a dormant volcano

Just waiting to erupt.

The proper term is remission

And I fear it’s end.

Testing comes yearly

But fears are there daily;

Not strong like they used to be,

But still ever present.

Maybe someday it will return

And I’ll be ready for the fight;

I’ve already been there and done that.

Until that day I just wait,

For now the volcano is asleep,

Who knows when or if it will awaken.

The Broken Ones

Close the gate and
Keep us locked inside for
We are the broken ones;
Not quite accepted,
Beyond what is normal.
Our flaws set us apart
As not good enough
To be a part of the crowd.
We have the same dreams as you,
Our blood flows like yours
And destiny is not in our control.
Because we don’t fit with the norm,
We are the outcasts,
The ones you look down on.
Maybe if you keep us confined,
You can somehow put us
Out of sight and out of mind


Sugar on a stick
Give it a lick
Lollipop tastes so good
Wonder if I should
It’s not on my diet
I can’t help but try it
Cherry delight
Taste buds take flight
A return to childhood
If only I could
It turns my lips red
While thoughts in my head
Return to playgrounds
And the youthful sounds
Of happiness and laughter
Joys that I am after
and finally with a crunch
it ends my dessert from lunch