Add Another To The List

It was meant to be funny

droll attempt at laughter

But it went too far

It bordered on creepy

And just plain wrong

He shouldn’t have tried it

To assault her in her sleep

After all he is a public official

There has to be a level of decency

It’s just one in a growing list

Of wrongs being brought to light

When did the world go down this path…


The Message

too late

I thought to

honk my horn

there were tires screeching

glass breaking

and the sound of twisting metal

a scream

and more horns

they were all

too late

the mangled metal came to rest

on the median

smoke filled the air

from the exploded airbag

and the smell of blood

started to drift to my nostrils

too late

I picked up my phone

the message was still on the screen

I should have never

looked at my phone

but now that thought was

too late…

Too Late

It was a dark night

The clouds cloaked the stars

He was supposed to be here

But he was running late

The coffee shop was nearly empty

The quiet was almost surreal

This had been a dubious meeting

She was so unsure of who he was

They had met through a friend

And he was very tight lipped

Almost paranoid with his silence

She didn’t know if he was just afraid

Or someone with too many secrets

She thought about just leaving

But then the door swung open

She gasped at the sight

He was bloody and beaten

Fear engulfed her

She knew this was a mistake

Then he was pushed into the room

Followed by a man with a gun

Now it was too late

Too late to run

Too late to trust her instincts

Too late to live

The Return Home

The spotlight went on him

He began to play a riff

And the crowd went wild

The music flowed through the auditorium

The lights flashed brightly

And the audience was entranced

He played the last notes of the song

And the stage went dark

The crowd began to cheer, scream and whistle

This was just the beginning

This would be a concert to remember

The hometown crowd was perfect

Those who had doubted him long ago

Would now see how it was done

Rock and roll at its best

The Struggle Is Real


What a fright

What can I do

The word split me in two

One side determined

The other undermined

So I struggle again

With I can’t or I can

And come up with trash

And nothing with class

You’ll have to settle

For what I got with sheer mettle

This is the best I can do

With only a day to work through