If Only…

If only I could see

your face in candle light

I’d feel safe and warm

on this cold and haunted night.

If only I could hear

your voice call out my name

I’d feel love for you so deep

and you’d love me just the same.

If only I could taste

the salt sweat from your skin

our passion would be alive

and both of us would win.

If only I could breathe

the air you breathe tonight

together we’s be one

and feeling oh so right.

If only we could be together

just for one more day

I’d have the chance to show you

what is so very hard to say…



Tongue Tied

It’s all your fault

I am such a klutz

I fumble over my words

whenever I try to speak to you

I get shaky and can’t hold still

whenever you are near

my movements are clumsy

if I move closer to you

I just don’t know what to do with myself

whenever you take time for me

I am worlds away from you

but dream to be a part of yours

if only I wouldn’t fall on my face

whenever we meet…

Daily Prompt: Original

You are an original

there is no one like you

I embrace your uniqueness

love ever part of you

from the highs to the lows

and everything in the middle

you can not be duplicated

nor properly imitated

You are an original

too perfect for words

I hold your pure self

deep in my heart

through ups and downs

you stand your ground

you can never be replaced

not even remotely

You are an original…

I just wish you were mine

Day 23 – The Willow

I have tried to find a way to express the fond memories I have been reliving today thanks to the daily word prompt, but cannot get it down in a poetic flow today.  So I am combining the daily prompt with my 100 Days of Happiness today.

Growing up we would travel the 3 hours every summer to spend time with out grandparents.  They had an amazing house that they actually built themselves, including digging the ground for the basement.  But I remember many summers in the front yard playing next to a beautiful weeping willow tree.

We would run through a sprinkler and seek shade under the willow.  It would be the home base for a game of tag.  The tree was even a guard of sorts that protected us from the busy corner of the street it was on.  It became the out-of-bounds area for throwing frisbees to however many family members we could get to play.   It was also the perfect back drop for some family pictures through the years.

Every time I see a weeping willow my mind goes back to that special one in my youth I will always think fondly of.  No weeping tonight, only gentle smiles from memories recalled.

False Friend Warning

This is a test, this is only a test.

If this had been an actual friendship

You would have gotten something in return.

Instead you gave and gave with nothing to show for it.

In the event of a real friendship

The give and take is equal,

The love shared is returned,

And never are you ignored.

Please remember to protect your heart

And never leave it open for others to break.

Take shelter in your own self-worth.

Don’t let others turn you ugly from their point of view.

Remember you are worth so much more…

This has only been a test.