Dawn’s Horizon

She had never been real outgoing. Today was going to test her adventure skills.  “Are you all packed and ready Dawn,” her mother asked?

“Mom are you sure this is a good idea? We wont get lost?”

“Your Dad and I used to hike these mountains all the time. I am sure we will be fine. Relax it will be fun.”

Dawn was going on her first ever camping and hiking trip and she was worried. Worried about snakes and bears and starving. Her parents insisted they could catch fish to eat for the weekend. Dawn was not convinced.

“Maybe we should take a can or two of tuna to be sure we have food Mom.”

“Your Dad and I have always caught fish for us to eat and I am sure we will manage today.”

They packed all their gear into the back of the SUV and set off on their trip. It would take them 45 minutes to arrive at the park and then about an hour hike to get to the camping area they wanted.

Dawn was staring out the window with her headphones on listening to music. Her mom was talking to her dad about something when it happened. A semi driver in the opposite lane suddenly clutched his chest. He slumped over the steering wheel and jumped the median hitting them head-on. They never made it to the park, and they never would again.


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – adventure


The Twins

The children both reached for the red ball at the same time.  A look of surprise instantly went across their faces.  They may be twins and like the same things, but it was bad when they wanted the same toy and the yelling began

The babysitter had been in the kitchen preparing their dinner when the fight began.  She had to go into the livingroom to intervene the fight over the ball.  She explained how they could both play with it if they took turns and how important sharing was. That was all the twins needed to hear.  They instantly started rolling the ball back and forth between them in an indoor game of “catch.”


Written for Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) – intervene

Johnny’s Gone

“What do you want me to do, denounce him in front of everyone?” The woman was in the office of her boss.

“That may be the only way he will learn. I will take full responsibility. The facts need to be told.”

“Facts are one thing, but this… are you sure?”

“Yes, I am sure.”

The woman left the office and went to the room at the end of the hall. There she stepped into her classroom and addressed the students. “I have news to tell you all. Johnny wont be joining us in class any longer. He is being taken to a special school where they can help him. He didn’t realize what he did was wrong and so now he has to learn. With any luck he will be able to return to us soon.”

A little girl raised her hand. “What did Johnny do wrong?”

“He tried to bite the principal, but obedience training should take the bite, but not the bark out of our friend.”


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – denounce

Good Home

The sign said “FREE to a good home” and when she saw it she squealed with delight. “Oh Daddy, please can we get a puppy, please, please!”

“I’m sorry Rachael, your mom is allergic,” her Dad said in response.

“But I will keep him in my room and take care of him and vacuum all the time. Oh please?”

“Rachael this is something we would have to talk to your mother about. Not today.”

“Can I call Mom and ask her?”

After fifteen minutes on the phone she handed the phone to her Dad. “Mom wants to talk to you.”

Rachael smiled and waited for her Dad to finish on the phone. As he hit the end call button she said, “Did she say it was alright? Can we get one?”

Her dad grinned slightly and said, “Yes, but you have to take care of it.”

“Oh Daddy, I will. I promise!”

Peering into the box of puppies she exclaimed, “They are all so cute how can you pick one?”

“How about the one with the big black spot on his head?”

“We can name him Bulls-eye. Oh thank you Daddy, he is so cute!”


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – free

The Sixth Tee

He took the driver out of his golf bag and walked to the tee box. This was the first game he had played in years and he knew he was going to be a bit rusty. He took two practice swings and addressed the ball. He swung and hit the ball. It went high and far landing just to the right on the fairway.

By the fifth green he was playing like he had never stopped. It was a great feeling for him until he took the walk around the tree before hole six. There laid a lifeless woman’s body.


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – driver

The Handsome Stranger 7

1 – Fluid

2 – Melody

3 – Trap

4 – Flood

5 – Coma

6 – Leave

7 – Trail

Jack Watson was just returning to his desk when his phone rang. He picked it up and it was Fred Sanders from the real estate office. When Jack heard what he had to say he wrote a note for his assistant to get the editor and to call the police back.

Sergeant Wilson hung up the phone and grabbed his hat on the way out of his office. He drove to the real estate office. They were finally getting somewhere. The sketch in the paper had brought forth a lot more witnesses and information. It was finally starting to feel like they were on the right trail to track this monster down.

Fred had all the contact information ready for the Sergeant when he walked in. They talked briefly and the Sergeant thanked him for his help. Heading back to the car he had the dispatcher put a trace on the cell phone and send him the coordinates.

Ten minutes later four officers were closing in on Matthew Plumber as he was sitting at the local park waiting for the right person to come down the jogging trail that would remind him of her again and ignite his fuse. He was focused on a brunette in a blue jogging suit when he heard something behind him.

Sergeant Wilson and his men approached directly behind the suspect quietly and quickly. Guns drawn he announced, “Springfield PD, Matthew Plumber you’re under arrest.” Matthew had prepared for this moment. He moved in one rapid motion standing and reaching for his back pocket as he turned. The Sergeant yelled, “Freeze!” But Matthew kept moving. A move he had practiced many times. He had to make it look good; like he really had a gun. The officers had no choice. The guns rang out and Matthew fell to the ground.

In the weeks that followed they found all the evidence to prove he indeed had murdered four local women and one from Jonesville. He would serve no time though, as he had been pronounced dead on the scene.


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – trail

The Handsome Stranger 6

1 – Fluid

2 – Melody

3 – Trap

4 – Flood

5 – Coma

6 – Leave

Fred sat at his desk in the all but empty office. Most of the staff had left early since it was Friday and business was at a standstill it seemed, no one was buying and only a handful of people came through in a week looking for rentals. He had most of his work done but still needed to check his ad in the evening paper and make sure it had everything listed right before he could leave for the night. He went to the paper’s website and decided to take a quick look at the headlines; maybe gain himself an extra 15 minutes of pay.

There was a story on the serial killer who had already murdered four women at least and Fred scanned through that. When he reached the end of the article and saw the sketch of the suspect his heart skipped. “I swear that is the man I showed the trailer rental to just a day or two ago,” he thought. Heart beginning to race he opened up his current clients file and found one for Matthew Plumber.

Fred’s hands were shaking as he scanned through the file. Not thinking he picked up the phone and instantly dialed the ad department at the newspaper, one of the few numbers he knew by heart. When they answered he asked to be connected to the newsroom. He looked back to the computer and found the byline and was ready to ask for Jack Watson.


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – leave