Mumbles … Partisan

I am not one who is really very outspoken with my political views.  Maybe it is because I have never really had a candidate, I thought 100% should be in office for whatever they were running for.  So, when I read the word for the day from Fandango… I was sure I could not do a poem for it.  I looked up a definition for a sample sentence and synonyms to maybe trigger something for a flash fiction piece.  As you can see here, I have resigned myself to just babble a little about it.

According to Google there is more than one definition.  I think I will talk about the first noun definition that states it is “a strong supporter of a party, cause, or person.”  Like I said I have never really been a partisan for a person.  I am a middle of the road Independent for the most part… if I have to pick a party it would be Democratic.  Now a cause, that I can get behind.

I have very strong beliefs on a couple of things.  Same sex marriages (for it), right to choose (pro-choice, and MY choice would be adoption, but I want that right to decide that) and reform on drug laws (I believe pot should be legal for medicinal purposes for all states and recreational too.) Of those three I am strongest about marijuana.

I know a couple of people who use it (one legally and one not) and it does wonders for their health.  I feel it would only benefit the local economy to legalize it.  Reduce the number of prison spaces we need.  And over all make people happier.  I have never been around a mad stoned person, but lots of angry drunks.

So, I guess I did have partisan inside of me… I will step off my soap box now and go on about my business.  Have a good night/day!


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – partisan


Mumbles … Post

This weekend is about writing and working on Dad’s house.  I am now only 4 – 5 days behind in my daily prompts.  So, I am going to try to get caught up this weekend.  I hope the muses are on my side.

The reason I am trying so hard to catch up is that I want to start a new challenge on Monday.  It is an A to Z challenge a fellow blogger introduced me to.  I guess you are supposed to pick a topic or theme to write about, but I don’t follow rules well so, I will pick an appropriate word every day to post about.  It is a post every day except Sundays in the month of April.  I think it will be fun.

As for the other half of the weekend and cleaning out Dad’s house, I wouldn’t call that fun, but we are starting to see some progress made.  The kitchen is ready to be scraped and painted, while the bedrooms get a good run through.  I imagine those won’t take too long.  It is just hard as my sister works and has only been able to make it one of the weekend days a few times.  So, it is slow going.  There is not a lot I can do without her there… I don’t want to get rid of something I shouldn’t.  And her being the older sister she is older and wiser, right?

Starting Monday, I will be doing the A to Z Challenge along with my regular daily prompt post.  I hope I don’t clog up your reader feeds with too much nonsense. I may even be able to work two posts into one if I get all wild and crazy some days.  Ok… I am off to do more reading.  Have a great weekend!


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – post

Mumbles … Power

Things my Dad and my Gma (Dad’s Mom) used to say have stuck with me throughout the years.  When I saw this prompt all I could think of was the man…

You look like the man.

What man?

The man with the power.

What power?

The power of voodoo.

Who do?

You do.

Do what?

Look like the man.

What man?

…and on and on it goes.  I can remember saying that with both of them and they would use funny voices and wild expressions.  I wish I could remember about the man on the stairs who wasn’t there.  Something like “He wasn’t there again today, oh how I wish he’d go away.”  I think that one is a Lewis Carol poem.  I know the one about beating your child when he sneezes came from the mind of Lewis Carol…

Speak roughly to your little boy,

And beat him when he sneezes.

He only does it to annoy,

Because he knows it teases.

And there is a second verse on that one but I can’t recall it right now.  I know there were others, but sadly I don’t remember them.  Those are some wonderful memories from my youth.  Did you have any special poems or sayings you recall fondly from your childhood?  Please share them in the comments or your own blog.


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – power

Mumbles … Health

I sit here tonight after another day of working on cleaning out my Dad’s house feeling exhausted.  That is one of the biggest problems I have with my health – chronic fatigue.  I wish that was all there was, but the fibromyalgia makes me hurt all over, the depression makes me feel all alone and worthless and the anxiety makes me fear going everything.  It is an awful mix.

My health has made my life next to impossible some days.  I have had extremely dark moments when I want so badly to escape from my life, moment where I could barely get out of bed and panic attacks that made me feel I was having a heart attack.  Lately I have struggled with more depression, but between my Dad dying and the continued grey snowy/rainy days we have had it is understandable.  But my doctor just tweaked my prescriptions some and we will see if I start feeling better.

I manage some days ok, with my anti-depressants, anti-anxiety pills, pain meds and muscle relaxers.  There is not a thing to take that takes away the fatigue.  I can sleep 6, 8, 10 hours and still need a nap (or two) during the day.  Some days I succumb to that need while other days I fight through it and manage to stay awake.

I write out my pain, despair, and fears when things get tough.  I read to distract my mind.  I connect with friends to find some worth.  I am not healthy, but I am still putting one foot in front of the other and moving forward.  That is the only direction to go.


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – health

Mumbles … Theory

It came to my attention recently that a lot of bloggers have something in common… no views from Greenland.  I am ecstatic over all the overseas views I have gotten, but Greenland is such a big country I want to have it light up pretty colors on my map.

I honestly don’t know much about Greenland.  According to Google it is populated, but not by many (56,171) compared to its mass (836,300 square miles).  The little town I live in is a higher population than that and I am in the middle of Iowa with the farm fields everywhere.

I did learn that most of that population is along coastlines, but with the nation being mostly ice I am sure they are not the tropical coastlines many dream about.  Lots of beautiful pictures of the nation on Google as well.  I found this one of some green land around the houses.

Photo found on Google search

I know my Grandmother raved about her trip to Alaska… maybe someday I should travel to Greenland to see the Northern Lights.  I do find it interesting how we complain and gripe about the cold and snow and they live surrounded by ice and seem to have a very rich culture.

My theory is this; if I take the time to learn a little about Greenland maybe that country will light up for me.  And if not, I will still be just a little bit wiser about the world.  So, go Google Greenland and marvel at its beauties, you can become wiser too!


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – theory

Mumbles … durable

Durable, no matter how long I think about it, all that comes to mind is my Dad.

It was over 20 years ago that he had a heart attack and a triple bypass surgery; and still his heart beat on for years.  He was diagnosed with diabetes; he watched what he ate (somewhat) and his blood still sustained him for years.  He was diagnosed with COPD; and still his lungs breathed in and out for years.

There were stories of harsh winter storms and blizzards he drove through to safety.  He fell off a roof helping a friend do a roofing project; had chronic back problems but still stood tall.  There were stories of taking down robbers and murderers and a few different riots he worked through; all he survived to see another day on duty.

He had a durable marriage that lasted 49 years until my Mom passed away.  He survived raising two daughters that may not have always been the most perfect children… ok, we gave him a lot of headaches but still he showed us love and support.

Durable is one of many words I can use to describe my Dad; missed is another.


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – durable

Mumbles … Whitewash

Getting ready to write for whitewash I searched the word definition for some inspiration and found out something I didn’t know.  Growing up anytime we played a game (typically cribbage) where someone walked away with a win, we always said the person skunked the loser, especially if their score was zero.  We applied it to all walk away wins, but that is also apparently an informal definition of a whitewash.

So, as I get ready to clean and repair my Dad’s house, I may have to think of whitewashing the walls; that is after we clean off years of nicotine stains.  But there is nothing about Dad’s past that will need to be whitewashed or covered up.  And I will always remember the fun games we used to play fondly; even the ones where he whitewashed me.

That about covers everything… a real whitewash write.


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – whitewash