Mumbles … Pass

I just want to put my two cents worth in right now.  I kindly will pass on getting the corona virus, thank you.  I have better things to do this week and really enjoy breathing fairly easy – I have asthma, so it is not perfect all the time.  So, whoever is listening… I don’t want the “rona” (as my daughter refers to it), I want a treatment, vaccine, and cure found for it sooner rather than later, and I want people to stop freaking out until that research is done.  There is no need for hording toilet paper.  If everyone respected each other, there would be enough to go around.  The people on the front lines are over worked and understaffed worse than normal – be kind.  And thank the people who are still working for you in one manner or another – medical personnel, food service, retail, delivery people of all kinds, police and fire, the newscasters who try to keep us updated on the latest information, the people who keep your cable and internet running and those who clean up our world.  They are all still out in the thick of it while you are at home trying to fill your day, so it passes quickly.  …end of rant.


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Mumbles … Conflate

It was time for another Google search… who uses the word conflate?  I looked at it and thought cornflakes.  Seriously, I had to look this one up.  It means to combine.  I got to thinking … depression and anxiety are two things that should not be conflated.  Especially with this pandemic happening.

My anxiety makes me worry about the virus 24/7.  And the isolation from keeping up with social distancing just fuels my depression.  So, I worry and try not to cry.  I have to worry about my boyfriend.  he works retail and I am sure not everyone is going to social distance themselves when they are sick.  So they come into the store to (try to) buy cold medicine and tissues and then go through the check-outs coughing everywhere.

My daughter is also a part of a service industry – a coffee shop manager.  Corporate headquarters and state mandates mean she is still open but only for to go and drive-thru orders.  And wouldn’t you know it… people come through a drive-thru sick also.

I have seen it multiple times on Facebook recently – thank a truck driver bringing supplies, thank retail workers stocking and selling you items you need, thank the medical community as they all are putting their own health on the line to serve you.

I should stop mumbling and try to read more posts that I am behind on.  I have just conflated a bunch of words together to make a semi-coherent blog.  Hope you all stay safe!  (((HUGS)))


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Mumbles … Predicament

white toilet paper
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The shelves are getting bare here.  There is no hand sanitizer at the local Walmart.  The cleaning solutions aisle is about empty.  There are no face masks.  And don’t get me started on the toilet paper aisle.  If people keep hording these things there are many people who are going to be in quite a predicament.  Why do people panic and buy out the stores?  If you are not in a high-risk group you may get COVID-19, but you will survive it most likely.  I don’t have all the numbers and stats even though I have read them in the past.  That is not what this is about.

How much toilet paper does one household need?  Why haven’t the stores put limits on how much people can buy?  I feel sorry for those who really need it – like someone going through a colonoscopy prep.  There are just some things you need softness for.

In all seriousness… now is a time to think of others.  Take only what you need and leave some for the rest of us.  Stay healthy everyone!


*Oh and as a final note that was the only toilet paper picture on Pexels free link here… it bothers me because it is on BACKWARDS! 😲


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Mumbles … snooty

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According to snooty came about in 1918 from the word snouty.  Snouty was a term that meant “looking down your nose at people.”  Snouty has long since disappeared but snooty can still be used to describe those who look down to lower-class people.

Now that the business part of this post is done… I just want to apologize for being behind.  I went through a difficult patch and didn’t want to do much of anything.  I am bouncing back now and have my feet up due to having an entire toenail removed.  So, I have no excuse for not getting things caught up in the next few days.  Bear with me, I plan to be caught up soon.  Thanks!


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Mumbles … Polite

You know what I would love to see?  A return of basic manners.  I know I was raised to say please and thank you.  I raised my daughter that way.  But more and more there is no such thing as being polite.  It used to be considered rude to talk on the phone when you had company… now we all do it in the most public of places; sometimes very loudly and about delicate matters.  As a cashier for years I was amazed at what some of the customers would talk about on their phones when they were checking out.  And I found it so rude when I actually had a couple of customers shush me when I said their totals.  If you are not ready to check out, wait and finish your call then approach the register.

Language is the other thing that bothers me.  Growing up you never swore in public. And it was definitely frowned on at home.  Now, especially the younger generations use swearing to season their vocabulary like salt and pepper.  I know I was shocked when at an elementary playground I heard kids that were maybe 10 to 12 swearing like crazy.  I was embarrassed for them.

Just a little common courtesy people.  Some plain common sense.  And above all remember the three magic words – please, thank you and you’re welcome.  If we don’t set a good example all the generations that follow will just get worse and worse.


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – polite

Mumbles … Social

I think I have always had a degree of social anxiety.  It was just referred to as shyness when I was young.  And shy I was.  I never wanted to be singled out in any way.  Hated to read out loud for my turn in class.  I knew I would stumble on a word and everyone (or at least some) would laugh at me.  As I grew up and cliques were a thing, I was a part of the loser’s clique – those not into sports, those not quite brainiacs, not the juvenile delinquents, and not the preppy crowd.

As I grew, I still retained my shyness.  That is one reason it shocked me that I could work as a cashier.  But as long as the customers were friendly or on their phones indifferent, I actually enjoyed wearing the mask of a happy cashier.  Until my anxiety worsened.  Suddenly long lines freaked me out and I could barely check a customer out without shaking.  And if there was any kind of conflict I just wanted to hide.  Not the best state of mind to be in.

Maybe it was the incident where the customer threw my water bottle down on the ground that started my decline.  She was pissed about a price that rang up wrong.  A supervisor told her it was right, and she reached over and grabbed my bottle and reached back with it (I would have sworn she was going to hit me with it) and threw it down across the floor.  I had to fill out a police report and everything on the whole thing.  Being “threatened” in the workplace, certainly did NOTHING to set my mind at ease.

Now I have anxiety pills I take to keep the edge off.  I no longer can work.  I have panic attacks if the anxiety gets too bad.  And I am unable to drive on an interstate or with lots of traffic.  I have heard the term social anxiety but never been told face to face I have it… but I am sure I do.  Large crowds are awful!  Even a group of 4 or more can put me on edge.  So, I take my meds, attempt to meditate, and am starting some very light yoga.  I do all I can to make it through day by day.


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Mumbles … Terminal

This is something I just heard about on Facebook (I must have snoozed through this part of the news).  The Iowa legislators have introduced the End of Life Options Act.  It would allow those patients that have been told they have 6 months or less to live the option to take a medication that would let them die peacefully.  There are currently nine states that have enacted similar legislation for those terminally ill.

Of course, there are arguments on both sides, but I feel once you hear you are terminal it is normal to get your affairs in order.  Why can’t that include deciding how long you suffer at the end of your life?  I have a friend who was asked to attend another friend’s end of life passing.  She was surrounded by family and friends who all loved her, and it was very peaceful she said.  Still some of her family refused to be there.  But it was ultimately her decision.

I know there are new discoveries every day in medicine.  But this is one medical decision I think should be allowed to be up to the patient.  What do you think?


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – terminal