Monochrome Monday – Picking Wildflowers

This week it is a pretty basic photo.  And no, I didn’t actually pick the flowers.  As a kid I would bring my mom wildflower bouquets a lot, but as an adult I would rather leave them to live and bring smiles to those who notice them.

BW Picking Wildflowers LR.jpg

And I did not forget last week’s challenge (Monochrome Monday – From The Back) … no one guessed it from the back.  Here is a front color view.  I hope everyone has a great week! ❤

Wheres The Fire LR.jpg

Monochrome Monday – From The Back

This week is something pretty unique.  I will say it is from the back of it.  It is at a local park and the kids love to climb on it.  Can you tell what it is?  It has been there at the park since I was a kid and that has been at least 40 years ago.  Not sure when it was brought into the park.  I will post what it is next week.  Take a guess!

bw From The Back LR.jpg

Monochrome Monday – Let The Music Play

Here in the US we are almost at our Independence Day and one thing that means (at least around here) is a small town parade with the local high school marching band performing.  My daughter did that when she was in school.  So in honor of all those Sousa marches with heavy flute and piccolo parts this is my post this week.

Flute BW LR.jpg

Monochrome Monday – Taking A Break

This is not one of my better shots since it is a little grainy, but I had butterflies on my mind today.  It is hard to get something good close up with my little Sears special camera.  My phone actually takes better close-ups, but I didn’t have it then.  There is a special delicate beauty about butterflies… I will have to make it back to the butterfly house with a better picture in mind.  Hope you enjoy, have a good week!

Digimax A50 / KENOX Q2