Behind The Curtain

Step right up folks,

don’t be shy.

See the girl behind the curtain.

She walks, she talks,

she gets used by her friends.

Treated like a welcome mat,

walked on again and again.

How does she do it

without losing her mind?

Witness her ability

to love without end,

even when she is stabbed in the back.

A once in a lifetime sight –

she gives beyond needs

to try to hold on to love.

Always giving more to others

than she does for herself.

Witness her crumble

as her heart is crushed yet again.

A real live woman

beyond the curtain,

who plays the fool day after day,

believing someday

she just might get what she gives.

The Blush Of Truth

To me it seems obvious

I know I blush when I talk to him

I laugh a little too easily at his jokes

my heart beat is so fast and loud when he is near

if our hands should touch I smile for hours

silly things remind me of him

he is on my mind all day long

and in my dreams each night

…but to him he only sees a friend.

Beyond Saving

Learning the truth was hard

I never imagined such an outcome

Less than fifty and unable to work

Unable to do so much I loved

Depression has robbed me

Fibromyalgia has assaulted me

Anxiety cuts me in two

Fatigue wrecks my days

The diagnosis of cancer was easier

I fought it and won

This monster has too many heads

The hydra has me down for the count

Not even Hercules can save me now

I Miss Him

via Daily Prompt: Eyes

I worry I will never look into those eyes again

that warm hazel gaze of his

the almost sad look when he is tired

the joy dancing within when he smiles

I worry I will never touch his hand again

feel the comforting grip of a friend

know that I am cared about in that moment

feel the strength of his grasp

I worry I will never see his smile again

feel the positive outlook he shares

see the joy spread across the room from his laughter

the pure happiness he has in his life

I worry I will never stop this sorrow in me

the feeling of being forgotten

when all I can do is remember

the feelings of love I had…


Daily Prompt: Complicated

via Daily Prompt: Complicated

This daily challenge seems too easy… in one word my life.  Or I could go with any of a number of friends I know who have complicated lives. I feel I might even be able to dig up a complicated picture (and may post it here as well).  But what is complicated most right now?  My financial situation, my love life, my family dynamic, even friend interactions… they can all get complicated.  And quite honestly I sat down with too many idea to put into words…but that is where the real complication comes in.  It is like an overload caused a writers block of sorts and I don’t know what to write.

So I thought of a picture I took years ago that I still don’t understand… I then spent 20 minutes searching for it in my files and believe is somehow got deleted.  To describe it does not convey the confusion and complicated nature nearly as well as the picture did.  SO … back to thoughts on what to write. I could try to write in poetic form, but I am feeling no rhyme or rhythm today.  And that leaves me back to a writers block.

How about a definition?  According to complicated is ” composed of elaborately interconnected parts; complex” so why not try to find connected things to complicated in a form I am not very strong with to challenge this writer’s block, therefor making it more complicated… a political acrostic.





Line assembly






Destruction of environment

Daily Prompt: Reach

via Daily Prompt: Reach

Reach back I’m still here

Reach back I never left

Reach back into my life

Reach back I’m still here


Lost in thoughts of yesterday

Times when we would play

Those lovers games of a wasted youth

If only then we’d known the truth


Reach back I’m still here

Reach back I never left

Reach back into my life

Reach back I’m still here


You moved away to see the sights

I remember watching your tail lights

Fading into the darkness

My heart filled with emptiness


Reach back…

Find the past

That love still lasts

I never stopped reaching for you

Now you just reach back too


Reach back (reach back) I’m still here

Reach back (reach back) I never left

Reach back (reach back) into my life

Reach back, reach back, reach back I’m still here

Gale Force Anxiety

thoughts swirl into chaos

the lines are blurred

between right and wrong

good and bad

insane whirlwind tumbles

inside my troubled mind

unsure where to go

who to trust

my brain caught in a tornado

one of unending doubt

afraid of today

terrified of tomorrow

calm wind will never blow

so I grasp to hold on

to ride out the future

to escape the past