Happy and Grateful – Day 75

As March begins I continue with my goal to find happiness and gratitude every day.  There is at least some small thing that can bring a smile and give you a moment to be grateful for.  Please join me in looking for the good moments of the day … it would be great if you would share them in the comments or on your own blog.  Be aware of the little wonders of the day!

Yawn!  I am so tired… and actually tired of being tired to tell the truth!  But we endure with what we are given as there should be some grand plan for it to make a difference in us one way or another.  I just wish I knew how being tired can help me in the long run?  Oh well!

So the only thing I had to worry about today was my weekly doctor appointment around the block.  Today was back above freezing so it was nice to walk there.  The sun was shining and the snow was melting enough it almost sounded like it was raining with the water dripping everywhere.  It means one day closer to spring!

My happiness came with breathing in some fresh air, even if only for a five-minute walk.  I am grateful my back was feeling a little better today and did not start hurting until the walk back home.  I will take every good moment I can get!

…don’t forget to wear your green tomorrow, I’d hate to see you get pinched all day!  An early Happy St Patrick’s Day to everyone!

Day 100 – 100 Days of Happiness

This has been an incredible journey.  I questioned whether or not I would make it, stumbled upon happiness in unexpected places and learned there was always a happiness no matter how small that can be found.

I think it is quite fitting that my final day of happiness revolves around one thing that always brings me happiness – my daughter.  This was the day to bake cookies and make candies for Christmas.  She came over to help with the candies and we laughed, had a chocolate fight, drank a little wine and listened to Christmas carols.  We did also find time to actually make some goodies during all of that too… 😉

The kitchen smelled of sweets and sounded of laughter and music.  I am so glad she enjoys carrying on some of the traditions we had when she was little.  She took a few goodies to share with her coworkers tomorrow and a few to keep herself.

I hope some of you try this challenge even if you choose not to write about it.  It really has been fun.  And it was good for me to push on my days that the depression was stronger to find something that was happy.  Those are the days I learned the most. To quote Bobby McFerrin – “Don’t worry, be HAPPY!”

Day 86 – 100 Days of Happiness

Today was not one of my better days.  I had to take my Dad to an appointment, then drive out-of-town to one appointment, come back into town to a second appointment.  Only problem after I drove over an hour to get to my appointment… I discovered I had written it into my calendar wrong and it is not until next week.  I could look at the day as a waste of time driving all the way there or I can find some happiness in it.  And there was some happiness because I had to drive by where my daughter works so I stopped for a coffee and visited with her when she got off of work.  So my not so great day did have a bright spot still.  And I get to do it all over again next week!

Day 85 – 100 Days of Happiness

It finally happened… my daughter had a day when she didn’t have to go into work until late and she had no other plans.  We were able to sit and relax and have coffee and lunch at a leisurely pace today.  She filled me in on all the latest happenings at work.  I enjoyed her company and stories.  With not being able to work it is good to still hear about some of the day-to-day happenings.  And I have met most of the people she works with and they are a good bunch of kids.  It probably wont be until next year now when we get to do lunch again… she has 3 different Christmas parties to go to, work and a social life.  Ah to be young again and full of energy!  🙂

Day 8 – 100 Days of Happiness

When I started this challenge I knew there would be days that my depression would try to stop me from finding something that made me happy.  Although most of the day was down, I did receive a phone call from a friend this afternoon that was the highlight of my day.  I haven’t been able to talk to him much with his work schedule and me taking care of my Dad lately.  So it was nice to talk to him even if it was just for a short time.  I tried to take that phone call and carry that joy with me all day, but it has been a challenge.  I don’t know if the depression is causing pain, or my fibromyalgia is flaring but I have been aching today.  It is nice to have that call to fall back on to find some joy.  You never know when something as simple as a “Hi, how are you doing?” can lift spirits of someone who is down. ( …thank you sir for the call!)


What is it about death that can bring out the worst in people?  No I am seriously perplexed about this.  I had a great-grandmother pass away and the three sons fought over her stuff.  Then they began talking to each other again only to have more bad blood surface at the next funeral.  Now it is my uncle whose ex-wife, of all people, is in charged of his celebration of life.  She was the one yelling the most after the last funeral.  I now am faced with the question if with my depression and anxiety I can face the tension for two hours to make the trip out-of-town worth it?  I loved my uncle, don’t get me wrong.  But I am so tired of the backstabbing that goes on when someone dies.  It seems more tempting to give everything to charity when I pass.

Fights over antique clocks, who is a pall bearer and how quick you can make it out-of-town are such stupid things to get mad about… a person is lost forever.  Why can’t families come together and honor the memories?  Maybe it is just parts of my family where this happens.  I am just tired of it.  I think my tears today are more for the lost love left here on earth than for my uncle… at least he is at peace.

Thanks for letting me rant a bit today.  It really looks like my part of the family will not make the out-of-town drive.  For my uncle, may he rest in peace.  Love you “Lab.”