(A2Z) What Begins With B?

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Beach Boys, Boston, Bee Gees, Blondie… Bad to the Bone, Big Time, Brass in Pocket, Bohemian Rhapsody… bass, baritone, bagpipes… so many choices.

In most articles about an artist, they will be asked who inspired them.  I am not sure if inspired is the right word, but there is a group that shaped a lot of rock and roll that I happen to like.  I bet you have heard of the group of four men… George, Paul, John and Ringo, better known as the Beatles.  I can’t say I ever saw them in concert.  I did get to see Paul in an area stadium, and he was the size of an ant – thank God for those big screens.

I recall a school project me and a friend did for a Media class where it was a voice over a song… we chose “Yesterday” and I think it was for a photo developing company we were promoting.  I just remember playing the song over and over and over again trying to get the right speech with it.  Either one of us would break out into the song and sing along, laugh and then have to start it again.

I also have a favorite episode of Quantum Leap… when Sam leaps “home” and sings “Imagine” to his little sister, just him and a guitar.  I own the movie Across the Universe.  I had a little trouble getting used to the changes in the way they did the songs but love the movie.  I also recently got the film Yesterday which is an interesting twist to an up-and-coming star.

The music is good and not all one style, they grew and changed as a group.  There is something on every album you can find to like.  And they all went on to do good things in their solo careers.  Now if we could just have seen what more John and George could have done had they not died so early… and a reunion, wouldn’t that have been amazing!

For the April Blogging From A to Z Challenge


(A2Z) In the Beginning…

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The month of April is upon us and it brings with it the Blogging From A to Z Challenge.  Now I have been a little behind on my blog, so I did not officially enter the challenge, but I am still going to give it a go.  My very general topic will be music… whether it is artist, song, album, video or concert it will have to do with music.  So, without further ado let’s find something for A.

We start at the beginning with letter A.  Aerosmith, AC/DC, America, Alabama… American Woman, All Night Long, At the Hop… accordian, amplifiers, air guitar… where should I begin?  Let’s go back a few years.

I remember a particular summer at my grandparent’s house in Omaha and for some reason the stereo was on.  I can vividly see my Grandpa coming into the living room and then calling for his wife to come into the room.  He began to dance with here right in the middle of the room.  Grandpa told me after the dance and song were over that it was his favorite songs, Alley Cat.  That is such a fun memory for me of an unexpected moment from my Grandpa.  From that day on I always remembered he liked that song.

When we were planning the music for my Dad’s memorial service, he had a couple of favorite CDs that were honky-tonk piano and ragtime music.  We left a few favorite and the funeral home picked the rest. Alley Cat ended up being one of those songs.  It made me smile on an otherwise sad day.

Take a listen to A for Alley Cat…