I’m Melting!

Photo by Andres Ayrton on Pexels.com

“I abhor this heat!  What happened to Spring?  How can it be ninety degrees at the start of May?”  Miriam was mumbling on about the heat, while her sister just grinned.

“You are so like Mom; she never did like the heat.  You know anything can happen here.  It is supposed to drop about twenty-five degrees for the high tomorrow.  Just be patient or quit whining and turn on the air conditioner.”  Sheila gave her sister an eyeroll and added, “It really won’t cost that much to run the air for a few hours to cool things off.”

“No, I have fans throughout the house so we can make it a few more hours and it will start to cool off outside when the front moves through the state.  And then let’s hope the weather stays more seasonable.”  Her sister rolled her eyes at her again.

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – abhor