Less Than Perfect (FOWC)

Abandonment from Momma
The fist from Dad
His gifts of childhood
One bruise at a time
Dodging the temper
From an empty bottle
Knowing it would still come
Sooner or later
But he broke free
The tender age of 16
Learned about life
In the back of a bar
And the corner of the street
Worked hard
To pave his way
Living honestly
With kindness
Trying to find some peace
In a less than perfect life


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – temper


she was supposed to love you

you gave her your trust

she broke it with a touch


he was supposed to be your world

you gave him your trust

he drowned it with vodka


he was supposed to be your friend

you gave him your trust

he walked away forever


you are supposed to recover

be able to trust again

but now it’s all broken…