Mumbles… Address

Here I am again trying to beat a deadline.  I am not talking about the daily prompts although I am a couple of days behind on that.  It is the Christmas Eve deadline.  For years now I have made my own Christmas cards and this year is no different.  I am only about 5 cards short of being done.  Then I will write about a dozen letters to go with a few.  The final stage is to address, stamp and decorate the envelopes.  As long as they hit the mailbox before midnight on Christmas Eve, I have fulfilled my duty to get them in the mail BEFORE Christmas.  I am doing pretty good though this year.  I do have three letters started and have plenty of time set aside for more writing this weekend.  I may be able to get them done and in the mail by Friday the 20th so there will be a good chance of them arriving before Christmas even.

In this day and age of computer and text communications… do any of you still send out Christmas cards?  I know I am part of a dying breed, but I still find it so nice to get something in the mail other than bills and that is why I still do cards every year.


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