In A Word

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I was floored

Taken by surprise

Stunned that he would even



Indicate that I would


Have an affair

Be disloyal when I



Was totally devoted to



Our marriage that

Meant the world to me

Made life worth living

Gave me hope



Every minute but he

Broke me

Tore us apart

Destroyed life as we knew it with a single word

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – suggest

The Surprise Will Be Hers

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He waited at the door and listened.  He could have sworn he heard laughter abruptly stop as he approached his apartment door, but it was now silent as could be.  That silence was surprising.  His wife was home, and she almost always had the stereo on when he came home.  There weren’t many times without it running – when she had a migraine, if she had bad news to share or if she was mad.  He didn’t feel like walking in on any of those.  He had a nefarious plan hatching.

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Behind the door she stood with about a dozen of his closest friends waiting to catch him off guard.  His birthday wasn’t until Monday, but they could all celebrate on a Friday night better than a Monday.  So, it had been her rebellious plan to give him a fright when he came home.  Trouble was she should have turned on the stereo.  She stood here thinking he would know something was up if it was silent in the apartment.  Too late to change it now.  He was here and so close to turning that door handle.

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She stood in the back of the group.  This was a bad idea to be here.  She was more than a friend to her and had recently been a lover to him.  If the surprise didn’t phase him, her being there like nothing had happened would.  Their wicked little rendezvous had been magnificent but so wrong.  She felt her phone vibrate and she glanced at the screen; it was from him. “Meet me at your apartment.  I need you.” She couldn’t move.  Every part of her being wanted to go, but she was too afraid to be caught MIA at the same time he was.

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This would prove to be the longest night for all three of them.

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – nefarious

Monday To Remember

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I hate Monday

It takes you away

I have you such a short time

And then you’re back with her

You say you have to work late

You have a late meeting

You have an overnight stay out of town

I have learned the truth though

You work your nine to five

Then you go to her

If I am lucky I see you after dinner

Too tired to talk you go to bed

You shower before I can

Smell her perfume on you

I guess I should be glad

You are still here weekends

I haven’t lost you completely

Even though you get “work calls”

That taint the day with heartache


This Monday will be different

I will no longer share you

I won’t be toyed with anymore

This is your last Monday to split

This is the last of you

All it takes is one bullet

Written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August (FDDA) #3 – Monday

Will You

“I hate to burst your bubble, but that can’t happen.”  Stephanie continued, “I love my boyfriend, we can’t do this.”

John protested, “You are lonely though because he ignores you, God knows my girlfriend won’t touch me.  We both have needs, we could help each other out.”

“A part of me wants to.  There’s just no passion left with him,” Stephanie said.  “I know I still have feelings for you from all those years ago.”

John said, “I can’t see the future, but we can have tonight and be happy for a while.  I ask, will you be my lover?”


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – bubble

Tired Of Waiting

Take me to a paradise

Hold me in your arms

Tell me you love me

Show me all your charm

Take me to places

Together we haven’t gone

Lately I have felt

Forgotten and alone

Take me anywhere

As long we’re together

Just show me a sign

I still inspire pleasure

Take my hand in yours

Lead me into passion

I’ve got to know you feel

More than just compassion

Take me to a paradise

Or I may find another

Who knows what really thrills me

And makes me their only lover


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – paradise

Put It All In The Past (FOWC)

Will I ever know the truth
Especially now that you’re gone
You would always talk about her
And you often worked late
It was easy for me to suspect
Those conversations were not all innocent
And those late nights were not lonely
But I think I need to let it go
Forgive you if you did
Dismiss it if you didn’t
It doesn’t change much
Just holds my heart in anguish
And gives birth to useless thoughts
So where ever you are now
Rest easy
The past is over and I can finally
Release you


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – suspect

I Don’t

The ceremony started right at one o’clock with the groom and groomsmen entering the church. The bridesmaids entered and the music grew louder signaling the bride to come in. Everyone turned in their seats to see her enter, but she wasn’t there.

The bride stood in front of the mirror in jeans and a t-shirt placed the note on the table and quietly went out the back door. She would not put up with the lies anymore. She had suspected an affair, but today’s truth was too much. He could be with the other women. She felt so free now.


His eyes are mesmerizing

His gaze inviting

I know I shouldn’t

But I am tempted


His hands are gentle

His touch electric

I know I shouldn’t

But I am tempted


His words are magical

His voice hypnotic

I know I shouldn’t

But I am tempted


His life is carefree

His attitude freedom

I know I shouldn’t

But I am tempted


… I can’t betray him

I can’t escape

I know I won’t

But still I am tempted