A Pretty Little Dress

Photo by Jill Wellington on Pexels.com
She sat on the edge of the bed
A vacant look in her eyes
Looking at her granddaughter
She complimented her on her dress
The little girl stood in pants and a t-shirt
Looking very confused
This was the moment
My heart broke for her loss
Her grandma was fading away
Disconnecting with the real world
Trapped in one with illusions

Slowly she lost reality
In her world of delusion
Walking in a haze of visions
She left the house in winter
Early one morning
Likely looking for her husband
The temperatures were brutal
And she succumbed to the cold
Taken way too early in life

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – vacant

Beyond Distant

The look in her eyes is far away

It is a look beyond distant.

She is lost in her own prison –

Her body shutting down

And her mind turning against her.

She sees a stranger in the mirror

And can’t remember family and friends

Habits she had for years

Are impossible tasks to complete.

She can’t be alone;

She needs supervision

For her own safety.

One night she slips away

To walk in the cold;

Looking for something

Or maybe someone

Only to find that

her blood cools,

her heart slows

…and she is finally free.

Opal’s Eyes

she forgot things …

she blamed her eyesight

she blamed lack of sleep

she blamed old age


she began to not recognize things…

she thought she wasn’t home

she thought her family was never there

she thought the mirror showed a stranger


she wanted to find her husband one morning…

she walked a short distance

she walked in the cold

she walked until she collapsed


she succumbed to exposure

she will always be remembered

she will always be in our hearts

she will always be missed