No Admittance

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The sounds of the sirens in the distance were drawing closer.  Kathryn rushed to the front door.  She was yelling, “Hurry up!” before the paramedics could even get out of the ambulance.  The urgency in her voice galvanized them into moving a little faster.  They had a stretcher into her house and rushed down the hall in no time to see the man on the floor.

Frank had collapsed on the floor and was unconscious.  Kathryn had no idea why.  She had been talking and laughing with him just 5 minutes ago.  The paramedics began working on him.  In no time they had an IV started and were taking him away in the ambulance.  Kathryn had to follow in her car, only to find out only the patient was allowed at the ER.  She hated this pandemic.

Kathryn sat in her car and cried.  She couldn’t do without Frank.  He was her whole world.  She dried her eyes and took out her phone.  She called the ER and wanted to check on him.  They had her down as an emergency contact, so they were able to release some information to her.  She would have to wait until tomorrow though as they had tests to run and were keeping him overnight.  She was distraught but started the car and went home to an empty house.

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – galvanize