Second Chances

It’s amazing how time flies

When I look in your eyes

How I get weak in the knees

When you lovingly tease

So now as I feel

Love can again be real

Answer me this

Can I steal a kiss

Just a taste of your lips

Would make my heart do flips

I only dream of it now

But if someday somehow

We could rekindle within

What made our hearts win

All those years ago

When I loved you so

Please tell me you will

Give my heart one more thrill

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – answer

Not Yet

He said he had to think about it

Needed time to decide

It really was a big question

And he had to take his time

For he wanted to be judicious

And not make a mistake he’d regret

So he thought and thought

And came to the conclusion

I haven’t thought enough yet


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – judicious

The Question

We will not do this willy-nilly

To act fast would just be silly

Let’s think on this tonight

We’ve got to get this right

It is not a piece of cake

The right decision we must make

This is about the rest of our life

You asked me to be your wife

I been down that road before

It ended with a slamming door

So don’t tell me to answer now

This is a very serious vow

Yes or no one thing is true

I will always deeply love you


(just fiction… my boyfriend and I have both been burned in the past and are not looking for marriage right now.  Just thought of this after a friend got engaged this weekend after only a few months of dating.)